I have a problem with my Linn DMS Isobariks.

The low bass has all but disappeared. As anyone who has heard these speakers can attest, they normally have phenominal bass. Linn no longer services these, as replacement drivers are not available. I thought about removing the drivers and sending them to Millersound for inspection/repairs, but they are installed in such a way that special tools seem to be required for removing them. Using ordinary tools would damage the cabinets. The problem is compounded by the fact that the drivers are installed with a caulk that seems to be an order of magnitude stronger than epoxy cement! (Not really, but it's tough.) Does anyone have any experience with repairing these speakers?

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You're just going to have to muscle them out. They should be removable with "normal" tools (of course the definition of an "abnormal tool" is any tool I don't have) ;^)
If memory serves, there may be a cosmetic frame around the driver that masks the bolts, maybe that's why they don't seem ready for normal tools? It's been around 10 years since I've seen a pair in person so I apologize if I'm remembering incorrectly.