i have a mcintosh mc275 what speakers to choose?

I recently purchased a MC275, and I am currently using a Silverline Sonata MKI, I kind of want to upgrade, I am currently looking at a Von S. VR4-JR. I like vocal,jazz, piano, some classical... Some r and b. Which speaker to I choose?
what does your dealer recommend? I like Vons and run tubes myself but hard to recommend a speaker since the choice is so individual as to taste....that amp should easily run any speaker that has a stable impedance and is 90db or better efficient. If you just got the amp I'd wait to get new speakers until you are very familiar with the amps sonic attributes.
Merlin VSM,no question,unless your room is larger than 35x45.....
I'm running VR4JRs with my MC275 and the sound is sweet, articualte, dynamic. But be sure to biwire them to get them most of their capability.
one of the best all purpose amps ever made. pretty much 'any' moderately efficent quality speaker you can think of.
a ps....i would think the silverlines sound great with the mac.
Hi. I have Vandersteen 2CEs (86db)and they sing with my vintage mc275. That is my experience and others may disagree.
I went to a dealerships after hrs party in Nov. A lucky customer won a Mac275 thru a raffle. It ran very cool and was hooked up to Wilson Sophia II's. In the other room I heard the top of the line B&W speakers 14,000. with tweeters that cost the company 1,200.00 each. The Wilsons blew them away. Just had a much nicer softer sound. I could not beleive how cool that amp ran. I was told the II's have some improvement over the I's, but everyone that owns Wilson Sophia I series loves them.
Sonus Faber
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