I have a Jolida 302b and I'm looking for tube rec?

I am currently running Electro Harmonix input (12ax7 and 12at7) and output tubes (6550) and looking to upgrade my tubes. For output tubes I'm looking at JJ KT77s, Golden Lion KT88, or Tungsol 6550's. For input tubes Tungsol 12ax7s or JJ ECC803s and 12at7s I'm clueless. Any suggestions on tubes would be much appreciated.
A question first, is this a modified 302 or stock because the stock 302 uses EL-34 tubes for outputs. I have found in "my system" and tube differences are system dependent that the new issue Mullard EL-34 tubes sound the best for reasonably priced tubes. The ax-7 and at-7 tubes make quite a difference in the sound also, I have tried many combinations and again in "my system" I have found the best sounding tubes are amprex bugle boys or seimens ecc-83 for the ax-7 tubes and the best sounding at-7 by far is believe it or not GE JAN AT-7WC (these are fairly low priced and abundent).
I have a Cary SLA-70 in which I have tried EL34s, 6550's and KT88's. By far the best sound in my system has been with the Gold Lion re-issue KT88's. Very robust, quiet tube, with just the right touch of 'sweetness' in this Class A circuit. I know there are obviously variations among these various tube types depending on what actual brand of each you try. My EL34's are Manley-branded Groove Tubes (Sovtek, I think - nice, but a little "soft" sounding in this amp), the 6550's are SED 'winged C' Svetlana 6550's (nice, with more extension at both extremes, but somewhat "dry" sounding) and the aforementioned GL KT88's (a great combination of the strengths of the other two). Mine came from Jim McShane, who has acknowledged some quality issues in very early versions, but stands by their reliability. They're very cool-looking to boot :-)

As far as 12AX7's go, you'll find as you research things that the Telefunkens are supposed to be some sort of 'Holy Grail' 12AX7, but I personally find that, though reportedly a great match with thicker, slower, darker-sounding vintage amps, they take away some of that tube "magic" in the newer tube amps (I had the Jolida 502B, which was my first foray into the world of tube amps). This is obviously just me describing MY experience. 5751's are (usually) direct replacements for 12AX7's, and though they lower the gain by around 30%, the right one can sound really sweet in place of a 12AX7.

Have fun, and I'm sure you'll get some really good suggestions here on the forum.
I brought my CD's to a dealer that had high end gear.They had the Jolida line and wanted me to listen to them.On my CD's the 302 and 502 amps just couldn't get the highs right.They got congested on certain passages.They herd the same and swapped tubes with some NOS tubes to try to rectify it.It didn't help.The dealer didn't pay that much attention to the the newer line yet.Even with the low prices,he was considering dropping them.If your trying to get the pristine highs correct,it won't happen with tube rolling.If pricey NOS Mullards and Bugle Boys at about $800 for one amps tubes won't,I doubt any modern tubes will. The other tube amps they had there didn't have any problems with the CD's I brought.
I have a Jolida 502BRC and if the 302 is similar don't go for the NOS Telefunken 12AX7 or reissue Mullard 12Ax7, too dark, cutoff and mushy with the Jolida. I tried and these were my impressions.

I talked with the owner of Jolida (Mike Allen) he agreed with me that the best new 12AX7 was the Tung Sol 12AX7 reissues, the best NOS was the RCA 12AX7 Grey or Black (expensive, good luck buying).

For the 12At7 section I really like the NOS Mullard Cv4204 and then the Sylvania 12At7.

For the Power tubes I really like the KT88 Gold Lion reissues in the 502 but you are running El34's so cant comment...

No my 302 has been modified to except kt88's or 6550's.
I do repair work for numerous audio companies including JoLida. I have owned JoLida equipment for the last fourteen years. Avoid any Electro-Harmonix tubes or any of their rebadged labels (Genalex, Tung-Sol, Mullard, Svetlana). All these labels were purchased by New Sensor and are nothing more than EH or Sovtek tubes. That in itself wouldn't be so bad if these tubes were reliable. But in the last couple of years I have seen an epidemic of failures in numerous brands of tube gear that use these tubes. Even JoLida is dropping their line of tubes except for the Tung-Sols. I am waiting to hear from Mike Allen if they are having any luck with these tubes. The ones I have used for the last dozen years are the SED Winged C power tubes. Whether you go with the EL34, KT88, or 6550C, I don't think you can find a better sounding and more reliable tube. For preamp tubes, I like the JJ brand. Their power tubes also sound good, but I have always had issues with their reliability. Forget the crap you hear about EH tubes. They have plenty of stooges that have been bought and paid for who swear by their tubes. They all fall in line and knock the competition, especially the original Chinese tubes that used to be supplied in the JoLidas but are far superior to the EH line. Well, that's my two cents on the subject. At least I can thank EH for keeping me busy with repairs.
When I had a Jolida 302b I actually preferred the stock Chinese power tubes the best, even over the Winged C's. The input tubes made the biggest difference. I was using upper end Sovtek's. The best sounding 12AX7 tube that I've heard are NOS RCA's. There are plenty of variations at different prices. I find even the cheaper RCA NOS tubes sound better than any new stock.
Try the 6CA7 Shuguang Treasure Series or the KT88 version. Simply outstanding!
I have the Gold Pin Mullard 6201 12AT7
and a great find in the TJ Full Music 12AX7
Break in of 200hrs is a must,then very nice!
The Tung Sol 12AX7 re issue is nice albeit a bit splashy up top. Also pay attention to your PC and Bias levels they can alter the sound as well.

Good luck