I have a few things i dont need, how do i get them gone?

I have a denon PMA-757 and a tuner think its a 510, i have a pioneer record player (one of the good ones) also a hitachi DA-800 CD player from 1983, i have a sony rack system with the pop out remote and a newer JVC micro component system. Looking to get it all gone, i have paypal, i know how to pack a box and im trustworthy.  Where should i start? It should be worth over a grand but not having any luck on ebay either.
The sony set is RM-S41, TC-FX510R, ST-JX410, and an TA-AX410. all works, just need it gone.
^^^ or usaudiomart.com..I always have good luck selling at local flea markets though they are months away from opening..
"....dill .....

Older low to mid-fi stuff, Craigslist...."

Dill nailed it. ......+1 (emphasis added)

Best  of luck to you, but 35 year old low-fi to mid-fi audio equipment has only a very small arena of prospective buyers limited to purely nostalgia fans; and a matched minimal value attached .
Start by recognizing these components are worth next to nothing. Give them away; make a new audiophile. When I have older gear I try to find a younger person who has an interest and I set them up with it. No one in their right mind would pay much for 30 year old gear. So, make it enjoyable being generous. YMMV
+1, douglas_schroeder,

I gave away bunch of old gear (less than 10 years old) to a local school and goodwill. This included 2 Denon DVD players, 1 Pioneer DVD player, 1 Pioneer Laserdisc player, 1 Samsung Blu-Ray player, Two Marantz Blu-Ray players, 2 Onkyo receivers and a Polk Audio Surround Bar.

I could have gotten atleast $500 plus in craiglist sales but felt pretty good giving it away.
Yea, i dont know much about any of the audio world. This stuff came from a friend that im trying to help out. The "giving" idea sounds the best so far. You never know, i might need help down the road. What comes around goes around.  Thanks guys!
Doug is right...make it someone's first system. Ive done that before and it feels good. The monetary value is not much.
Its always about the right price. Auction on ebay starting with $1 bid. It will sell for what its worth if described properly with needed pictures.

Next best is yard sales to get rid of unwanted stufff. Have the mindset that everything must go not get the most money per item.

Last resort get rid of things fastest by just donating to Goodwill, etc.   or if you know anyone who would enjoy the stuff just give it away and take pleasure in doing something nice for someone. 

I gave a pair of modestly valued computer speakers to my son's school last year.  They couldn't believe how "nice" they were.  So, if you are of a mind to donate the items, I would check with a local school.  Then, lots of kids/prospective audiophiles could benefit-- you know, to restock the herd :)


another +vote for thirft or Goodwill. You can take the tax deduction via Goodwill or Salvation Army.

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Forget Goodwill; they are a "for profit" organization with a CEO that makes over a $100,000.00 per annum. The Salvation Army or any other local independent thrift store would make a better choice. As mentioned previously craigslist is an option too unless you’re leery about strangers coming to your house. You could meet them at a public place and conduct the transaction there.
As others have stated, give the gear away to some kid that's into music, and needs a starter system.
I had some gear that I was planning to put on CL. An Adcom amp, Klipsch speakers, B&O turntable, etc. It was all 80"s stuff in less than pristine condition, so I gave it all to one of my kid's friends who got interested in their systems and wanted to put something together. The kid was 17 or 18 years old, and he really appreciated the setup. The next thing you know, he's posting on his social media accounts that "Nick's dad is the GOAT".  I asked my son what it means, and apparently, I'm the Greatest Of All Time. High praise, but he is loving the system.

This kid is regularly scouring record stores for scores, and he's even getting his parents back into vinyl. His dad had a crate of records tucked away, and they have family night around a system that was just collecting dust in my basement. Good stuff.
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Give away to a needy person as its worth next to nothin.Go to Craigs list and get ripped off big time.