I have a 7.1 preamp,is there a 7.1 dvd player?

I own a home theater system. The preamp has a pass through for 7.1. I'm thinking of replacing my SA dvd-cd player. It outputs 5.1 that I'm connecting to the 7.1 inputs. Is there a unit that outputs 7.1?? Thanks for responding.
Not yet. But you can split the rear channels and send them to both rear and sides.
Maybe a better question might be; is there a 7.1 dvd?
There are 7.1 DVDs but only through the digital outs.
Dang, I had no idea. Are these discrete channels? How many such discs are available?
They are actually 6.1 Unsound but they are the reason receivers converted to 6.1 with a rear center. Almost all receivers are now using 7.1 and creating stereo rear centers or back surrounds. Of course some have even more channels but they are simulated at this point.
I split my rears of SACD to try the multi channel experience, but I dont have enough material as of yet to decide if I like it or not.
I believe Onkyo SP 1000 has 7.1 analog audio out, but you might want to double check.
We may see some 7.1 source material start to emerge from HD-DVD / BD-DVD. For all the other source material available, you may want to try using DPLIIx / Logic 7 processing to generate 7.1 distinct outputs for 2.0, 5.1, (and perhaps 6.1) input sources. That would make the unit a 7.1 PrePro rather than a 7.1 preamp.

As I inderstand the way they work, DPLIIx / Logic 7 extracts and redistributes the surround information from the source, they don't add anything.

I've been listening in 7.1 for many years, and find it has much better surround envelopment than 5.1.

I have a 7.1 Classe processor
with an Oppo 981 player.The Oppo only puts out 5.1.How do I get the rear speakers to double up with the surrounds?

Hook up all of the speakers and let the Classe simulate 7.1.
The Oppo DV-980H has 7.1 analog outs. I plug mine into a Boston Acoustics AVP7, which has 7.1 analog inputs.

I like the sound and performance of this arrangement. It does a nice job on Red Book, HDCD, DVD-A, SACD, and std. DVD video. I actually slightly prefer the Oppo's internal decoding over the Boston in some cases.