I have 50w+50w Tube Power Then What?

I am new to speaker system, but a long time player of heahphone rig.

Set up:
Meridan G08
SinglePower supra balanced headphone/pre Amp (RCA 6AS7Gx4, Mullard CV4003x2)
Sennhiser HD650/cardas cable
Grado RS-1 stock
Melody M880 mono (KT88 50w+50w) balanced
Cardas Golden reference Power cables
Cardas Golden reference RCA
Zu varial XLR

Now, I am ready for a pair of speakers and speaker cable. Can anyone help to pick up a pair? As now I am thinking Tannoy or Omega. I listen to 40% Modern rock, 20% female, 15% classic, 25% Pop, jazz or anything sound good. Room size about 20x18x9, mid size room. Must be under $6000 USD new or used. As sound singnature, I think Grado RS-1 is way too bright for my tast, HD650 is a little too dark. Thank you for your input.

best regard
I would go Tannoy over omega.
Having owned both the 650w/ZU and RS1 with Singlepower amps, I would look at used Harbeths w/subwoofer or Tannoys. Either will put you somewhere between the phones you own, and work with the power your amp has. Good Luck.
Looks like 50w just barely meet Tannoy Prestige's minimum power requirement. Is that going to be a problem? How about Omega, what do they sound like?
Harbeths Sensivity about 85~86db !? Not really full range by just look on the paper.
I have tried mine with 25wpc. No problem. Also have a friend using 25wpc in a large room with the Tannoy Kensington SE speakers. I suggested you use a sub to fill in the bottom end with the Harbeths.

Here is a nice thread started by the owner and designer of Harbeth speakers, on power needed for the SHL5s.
Proac Tablette 2000signature or studio 110..

Very fun speaker to listen with.

I have the studio 110 driven by a pair of mc-225 at 50 watts each....small sound huge and very clean.
If this is your first time venturing into 'room speakers' after long use of headphones, specifying a 'flavor' by choosing a manufacturer without having tried them may lead to disappointment (might not, but...). You may find the nuances of speaker-room interaction far outweigh actual speaker choice (headphones have this 'problem' to a much lesser extent). If you are going to buy new, BY ALL MEANS request a demo in your own room with your own equipment. If you are buying used, you may want to start lower on the price totem pole to understand your room, and then upgrade accordingly. The other solution which many people seem to appreciate, would be to purchase something like a room equalizer (Parc, Tact, or Behringer DEQ2496,etc) to solve speaker-room interaction issues.
Thanks Tom, and T. Well, since I am in the military, I move place to place pretty often. Yes, I know that sucks big time when you have expensive audio gears. Recent years just start to settle down little bit, avarage 3~4 years per move. But listening room alway mid size. I know I should buy speakers first, But I had this chance to get pair Melody KT88 mono very cheap, they are closing down in US, can't help it!

Can anybody tell me how Omega and Zu house sound like?
T Bone, you got nice horn there! They must cost both leg and arm.
Thanks seamaster; more than a burger, less than a burger restaurant.