I hate when this happens

One of those nights last night. For whatever reasons, real or imagined, the rig was singing. I went down at 11:30, “Only for a
couple tunes.” Went to bed at 3. Alarm at 5:45 was rude. At least I was in bed before the sun was coming up as often happens. 
Hey guys, that is what retirement is for.  My wife works days, I can listen to music all day at whatever volume I want.  Only problem is that funds to buy equipment are now more limited.
I find myself pulling all-nighters fairly frequently lately by my own planning.
Headphones and headphone amps have gotten much better and make listening a pleasurable experience. However, speakers are certainly the best way to listen.
Widowed, retired, and living with a rural population of under 300 souls. "I didn't know" is what I find myself uttering between songs. Entering my third year of hedonistic saturation. Open all night.