I Hate That Song..Turn It Up!

Part of my misspent youth was working in a high end audio store. It was the dream job for me because I had little money and manufacturers accommodation prices were a god send. The hardest part was being subjected to the music that everyone wanted to hear OVER and OVER again. Some things I still cannot listen to and immediately switch any trace of them off when they intrude into my listening area. DSOM, Heart, BTO to name just a few. Strangely though I still turn up songs from one of the most played albums in the store, Boston. I know I am a weak sorry individual but when I am driving and "More Than A Feeling" comes on it is crank that baby up time. If "Magic Man" or "Time" come on I am shutting things down.  How sick am I really?
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I once(through the cooperation of the sales guy) blasted a couple of the Ramones debut LP tunes through a Levinson based system and management politely put and end to that.

Blitzkrieg Bop, Beat on the Brat and 53rd and 3rd CRANKED! I left
my Zep, Stones and Yes albums home in favor of 3 chord Marshall noise.

The  best spent 6 minutes of my teenage years.

It happened again this morning. Driving to get my morning cup, and IT came on the radio....I was powerless...TURN IT UP!!! 7:30 AM and I've got Boston blasting. I Love it!!! So weak.