I hate stereo stores But found the next best thing

I have been to all types of stereo stores. There are the big box stores - no help or knowledge to be found. There are the hi-fi niche shops - some are good - mostly overpriced and snobby. There are some used hi-end shops - they are OK but never seem to have anything I want.

Then I met a couple of Brothers (Dale and Chris) in Eugene Oregon. They own www.eugenehifi.com. I am in the market for some speakers! I found a pair that I liked at one of those local niche shops. I found the same speaker line that I liked on their website - so I decided to place a call. These guys are all about achieving the ultimate sonic experience and really finding out what is important to me (what a concept). Their attention to detail is second to none.

Their listening room is in their house - how different is that - its compfortable and has the same sound challenges as any other room - i.e. mine and yours. I liked that because I know that I will not be hanging acoustic panels(or anything else) in my living room to help the sound.

They carry just a few lines of gear - some I have heard of and others I have not, like Sonneteer and Neat Acoustics. This combination is incredible. Great gear from the UK. These are moderately priced combinations.

Check out their website and give them a call. I am glad I did and I will be back! I generally do not post good experiences, but when you run into the occasional exceptional one, you need to tell somebody about it.


I have never met these guys, but I did encounter Dale via email several days ago. He contacted me regarding an ad that I had posted here and helped me out of a situation that I didn't even realize I was in. After several emails I picked up the phone and called to thank him personally. He is genuinely interested and involved in this wonderful hobby of ours, and had nothing to gain by reaching out to me except my respect and possibly my future business. If his brother is anything like him, these guys are the kind of fellows I want to be dealing with. Thank you Dale and kudos to the brothers at eugenehifi.com.
I think it's good to post stuff like this. I made some purchasing mistakes listening to some hi fi stereo shops until I found (www.audiblearts.com)Jeff. I didn't trust him because of prior experience and in the end I learned the expensive way that he was right about everything (shares the same preferences as I do). He sells what he likes the best and is not locked in to any product line. I buy new when I can just to support him because I would never be able to have found the right components by reading online forums or reviews.

Congratulations! on finding an honest dealer.

By the way he is in the bay area (San Jose).
I would invite anyone in the Bay Area to contact Matt Rotunda at Pitch Perfect Audio (www.pitcherfectaudio.com).

Matt personifies customer service, has great ears and carries exquisite products (Shindo, Devore, etc.). I paid a visit to Matt's home-based showroom last month and was treated to french-pressed coffee, pastries and most importantly, great music reproduced through great components.

I voted with my wallet and placed my order for a Shindo Monbrison preamp two weeks ago.

IMHO, Matt has "cracked the code" when it comes to high-end audio purchasing experience.
Great people + great equipment + great music + great environment + great service = very satisfied audiophool!
I also sell stereo gear in my house. I've got a nice dedicated acoustically treated room in what I like to consider a completely relaxing atmosphere. As far as I'm concerned if someone wants something that's good but if they don't I always enjoy the conversations. The Brick and Mortor stores are a dying breed in my opinion. I had a guy drive up from Corvallis yesterday which is a good hour drive. He was far more impressed with what I have than what he heard at the local shops here in Portland. Another guy last week told me outright he just wanted to hear my speakers. He later emailed me thanking me very much. This is also my hobby, as a matter of fact it's mainly my hobby.

The one thing I try to make sure is that people are totally comfortable. No attitudes whatsoever. We all have opinions and that's that. To be honest anybody is welcome, I don't care if they want anything or not. I just love talking to other audiophiles. We're a rare breed.
Me too! (in NJ)
I would have to recommend Vu and his crew at Deja Vu Audio in Mclean Virginia just outside of DC. They are incredibly nice, friendly guys who just love to talk audio and music. Their store is a haven for tubes and analog, and the custom built stuff is second to none. Very highly recommended!
Sounds nice. In my area, we have U.S. Tech and Circuit City. I would really welcome a good old-fashioned audio hangout.
Are there any good "old-fashioned audio hangouts" in the Chicago area?
Hi Radiojunkie, I don't know about a lot of other places around Chicago but you're always welcome here. Bring some music to play and have fun. I work by an appointment basis out of my house but that's not to scare people away, rather to make sure they have a chance to listen without interruptions just as they would do at home.
Brian says "I work by an appointment basis out of my house but that's not to scare people away, rather to make sure they have a chance to listen without interruptions just as they would do at home."

I work by appointment too...mostly to make sure I'm home when someone comes over... ;-)
Philnyc: It goes without saying that it helps to be home when someone shows up, especially in some areas ;-) There's a saying, "In Chicago, walking will keep you healthy, but running can save your life."
Yes! Deja Vu in McLean is a great store. It's the only highend place where I have never sensed an attitude. The guys I have spoken with clearly love the gear and the hobby.
Hey Brian, you seem like a suburban kind guy, don't bad-mouth our city. :-) What speakers do you sell/recommend?
Aktchi - yes, I'm in the northwest suburbs, but don't hold it against me :-) Actually there aren't too many places in our fair city I don't care to visit - can't say that about a lot of other cities. As for what I sell, you could take a look on my website...just add .com to my moniker...
Brian...coincidentally, I was in Chicago about 8 years ago (was very unfamiliar with the city). Was walking around in the afternoon when suddenly I found that I was two blocks into Cabrini Green (wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase)...I didn't run, but man did I start walking fast... :-o
Good story I can relate to, Phil ;-) On the other hand, there are countless wonderful places to go in Chicago, and for the most part the people are just as wonderful.
I second your opinion of Deja Vu! If only they had some demo units for Aesthetix and Atma-sphere! They only have the Rhea on display.