I had my ear talked off about the synergy between.

Eidolons, Spectral amps and the Wadia 861SE. Are they really that good? I have no plans to move away from the Merlin sound anytime soon ...if at all.
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Spectral & Eidolon sound good together whether with a Wadia or a whatever good source... But then, Eidolons also sounded good with Goldmund, Symphonic Line, PLinius, KR, YBA -- to name a few brands. Likewise, a Spectral was great in powering Genesis spkrs, Acapella, Tannoys, Kharma, B&W...

So, the "synergy" seems widespread! I suppose it's a matter of taste -- or what a specific dealer has in stock...:) Cheers
Spectral, Avalon, and MIT used to market a system they called 2C3D, using Eidelons with Spectral amp and preamp amd MIT cables. I don't remember the source but I would imagine Wadia would be as good as any. 2C3D stands for 2 channel, 3 dimensional.
I think that system utilised the Osiris.