I had asked once, but did not buy then,...so a headphone question..

What have you owned and liked in headphones under 200 dollars and under 100 dollars.  Thanks.  Have a good New Year's holiday. 

AKG is often my goto headphone in this price range, maybe a little lean?
Thanks Erik.   Have a good New Year.
They look like a toy i know... FOSTEX TH7-b

But under 100 bucks nothing can beat them, and even under 500 bucks some dont beat them on all counts... I own them....Their rendering of timbre is very good....Non fatiguing....Read the reviews...

i own 7 headphone pairs: 2 Stax electroacoustic, 2 magneplanar a hifiman and a Fostex T10, 2 dynamic, aKG 701 and a beyerdynamic T990, an hybrid legend the AKG 340...

I listen to none now, my speakers rightfully embed after 2 years of experiments beat them all on all counts....

Grado if you like a musical sound. Hard to beat in all the price ranges.  
Under $100 Sony MDR-V6. Same as 7506.
Bright on top but good monitors.
Unlike Grado, they are built to last. 30 years only pad flakes.
I really like the Audio Technica ATH-M50X.  They seem to garner excellent reviews also.
They are $220, but the Sennheiser drop 6xx are by far the best I've heard in that price range and better many headphones up to $500 or more.
Thanks Greg,  As in many things us humans buy, it may be best for me to stretch my budget. 

Have a good 2021
Another Sennheiser Mass Drop headphone is the 58X Jubilee and they can be had for under $200. Very good for the money.
Some don’t care for the Sennheiser sound.  Another Drop.com option is the Hifiman HE 5xx.  Amazing value for the money, they blow away my Grado SR125E.
Some don’t care for the Sennheiser sound.
What exactly is that "sound"?  I've owned three different sets of Senn headphones - HD800, HD6XX and HD600.  The HD800 sound completely different from the HD6XX.  I didn't care for the HD600 and sold those.  The HD800 and HD6XX are night and day different.  I like them both, but they don't share a "sound".

I've heard good things about the HD58X Jubilee, but haven't had a chance to hear them.  The HD6XX is basically the HD650, which used to sell for around $500 before Massdrop introduced the HD6XX. 

The downside about the Drop headphones is that you can't go audition them unless you have a friend that has some.

Sound signature is important, and the HD6XX have a warm sound that some might find a little "rolled off".  For their size and price, they do well in the bass department, have really nice mids, and present plenty of detail in the highs, but are not bright or fatiguing, which is why I choose them more often than not when grabbing something from my headphone collection.  For me, comfort is also very important and the HD6XX are the most comfortable headphones I own.  

I also like HIFIMAN, Audeze, Focal, and AKG (the Massdrop x AKG K7XX are another good option in that price range if they still sell them).

There are a lot of options and I doubt any in that price range would leave you really disappointed.  You can only get so much from reviews and other people's opinions, you need to try different ones out for yourself.  We all have different tastes and there are a lot of flavors to sample.

bigdog, I am simply referring to people that buy Sennheisers(various models), and don't like them.  They post their impressions on Amazon, and comment on them on Drop.com and other places saying that they like their new headphones much better than their Sennheisers.

Surely they are allowed to have preferences, if their preferences are for other brands?  And of course we are crossing into the threshold of headphone amps mattering, but that's another topic.