I had a few drinks and bought some speakers

Last night as I was polishing off a few of Texas' finest Balcones Bourbon, I purchased a used pair of Focal Sopra 2's. I current own the Electra 1028's. Can anyone give me some opinions or thoughts of the speaker decision? These have been my end all be all speakers, but I have concerns my room might be a little small being 13x8. Any info is appreciated!
I hope the OP has no regrets after his very Human experience...

BTW, I agree with the OCD HiFi Guy.
(Maybe not the Right Forum to go on about it, but someone has to say what we all secretly suspect is the situation regarding some Established Brands and their commitment to our Hobby vs their interests)
I love the posters idea of a thread 'hifi gear I bought while under the influece"   I suspect, as with me, it is a more common occurring thing than might be expected
I was sober wehn I got my Sopra No 2's. They are white and I admit that the decision was based partially on aesthetics. I am a relative newcomer to the audiophile world, and LOVE my speakers in my 14x20 room. I also have a Sony 100" short throw, so it is used as a theater as well. I got the Sopra center speaker and two Aria 906 for the rear. They are obviouslydrop dead gorgeous, and they sound better than anything I or any of my non-audiophile guests have ever heard. Unless you talk yourself into the need for "even more," you should be happy for a very long time. Enjoy them this holiday with or without a cocktail.