I had a few drinks and bought some speakers

Last night as I was polishing off a few of Texas' finest Balcones Bourbon, I purchased a used pair of Focal Sopra 2's. I current own the Electra 1028's. Can anyone give me some opinions or thoughts of the speaker decision? These have been my end all be all speakers, but I have concerns my room might be a little small being 13x8. Any info is appreciated!
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My Opinion, since you asked is Sopra 2 is nowhere near an end all be all speaker, Focal as a brand is totally petered out and corporate now so they serve highly marketed speakers without much substance for too much money (at retail price)  If you paid half price and you can figure out how to tame the unruly sharp top end (which means a band aid to pad the tweeter) then hey, youve got a speaker that everyone that does not know too much about HiFi will recognize and applaud in unison. You can power it with Mcintosh or Audio Research 2 other brands that are all squeezed out and nowhere near what they once were.  Use Audioquest Wires and I guess we could say youve got a Stereophile or Absolute Sound system.  And before you new ish guys start to flog me with bullshit. This is my opinion only , I could be totally wrong ... Im entitled to my opinion , remember its a forum. I dont respect the killer brands of yesterday that have sold out . Realize the founder is nowhere near and its investment bankers running the deal. Profit is the motivation only. So you'll have a choice in HiFi.. stay on the side with good resale and brand recognition as your goal (poseur) Or learn about the real HiFi that lurks under the layers of the bureaucracy. The misfits that dont wear suits and laugh ostentatiously when in crowds. The true inventors, the whacked out geniuses, the ones that care about your rig and dont just sell you something they get to know you so they can help build a rig for you that gives you everything youre after. These are the companies youve never heard of. only insiders know which ones are best. But remember this is for those committed to music. The ones that know the gear is just a tool to connect us with the music , the ones that know how to create HiFi gear that takes you on an epic journey of discovery .. Just realize there is a whole other side of HiFi that you may not know exists outside these big, well known , sold ten times brand names. Seek and ye shall find. 

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Any buyers remorse this morning?
Yes to above poster.....
Focal may have jumped the shark.....
I hope the OP has no regrets after his very Human experience...

BTW, I agree with the OCD HiFi Guy.
(Maybe not the Right Forum to go on about it, but someone has to say what we all secretly suspect is the situation regarding some Established Brands and their commitment to our Hobby vs their interests)