I got my Stan Warren DIY T1 cables

and they sound great. Though I paid someone to make them for me, Stan did give me instructions on how to make them. Using Berktek T1 cables, you must first remove the outer jacket, then take the two conductors and twist them with a third, then shrink wrap and terminate. That's it.

I got both ICs and speaker wire and they sound better in every way than anything I've used before, which admittedly isn't a large variety (MIT 5 and MIT 3 speaker cable, Markertek Canare ICs, DH Labs BL-1 ICs). Though I haven't compared them to the popular DIY Cat5s, Stan used to be proponent of the Cat 5s and has since formed a strong preference for the T1s.
Care to share the recipe?
Like I said, I paid someone else to make it, so the recipe I can recall is limited to what I remember of Stan's instructions. You can contact Stan for exact instructions via telephone at 541-344-3696 (he doesn't have e-mail). Or, if you want them made (~$10/ft.) you can call Chuck Jones at 541-988-3224. Chuck also sells the raw materials (~$0.50/ft). Chuck does have e-mail, but I can't remember it right now. Let me know if you really want it & I'll try to dig it up.

The cables made a HUGE difference in my system--tantamount to getting a new amp. But, I am not the most experiences with cables and my old cables were pretty modest.

As Bill wrote, you can get these pre made. I have ordered a pair of speaker cables and ICs. Stan Warren's daughter Regina makes them up with copper connectors and he also knows another maker who will create them with more exotic terminations. In a conversation with him I gathered the time consuming part is the twisting and care must be taken with the solder. Any of you competent DIYers would have no problem with any of this, I'm sure. I look forward to checking mine out. Thanks, Bill, for getting me going on my latest obsession as a impatiently wait for them. [:)] Charlie
I`m the other maker of the T1 and the supplier of the cable. I can be reached at 541-988-3224 untill 10pm pst.
or e-mail is fleeceba@netscape.net