I got my Gallo Ref3's today

We had company so I could not explore too much. Got em hooked up to my NAD S100/S200. Wow, I have to turn em up past 11:30! I ain't never turned speakers up that high (AUDES Blues and Polk RT35's I think). At first they sounded a bit dark. Too laid back upstairs. After about an hour the high end started to open up. I listened with and without my REL Storm III. Fraid to say the soundstage was much deeper without it. Too bad old buddy. Huge soundstage. Wall to wall sound. And deep. But still a bit laid back for my tastes. Kinda wish they still included the tweeter switch. Would switch it to high. My purist S100 preamp doesn't even have a balance pot let alone a treble control! Gonna leave it on all night and tomorrow day.
Are they new? If so you should wait at least a month (for any new component) to break in and report back on your findings.
Be prepared for your Ref 3s to start sounding pretty awful. Out of the box they sound okay, but not nearly as good as they will sound after 100 hours. Play them loud during the break-in period. I put mine face-to-face and threw a couple of blankets over them. Trust me, you haven't really heard them yet. Fabulous speakers. Good luck, Dave
When did they stop offering the tweeter switch?
Are you running the Gallos thru the REL xover? If so, don't and see if they sound better.
My understanding is that too many people were breaking off the tweeter switch, so ...

I know I haven't moved mine and wouldn't miss it.

A good question to ask Gallo is if the tweeter-stepup transformer still has the 3 output leads on it, whether the switch is there or not.

But as my predecessors have written, they do REQUIRE an extended break-in.
How could you possibly break off the switch -- it is like industrial strength? Or do you mean they intentionally broke it off?
Laying a Ref 3 down on its back ought to do the trick. Mine (the switch) is about the thickness of a toothpick and sure doesn't look like it would take much abuse.
a buddy of mine busted both his switches by hitting them with the grills as he removed the grills. go figure
It would be VERY easy to break the switches lifting the grills off. The grills have a cross member that could easily catch the switch and whack it right off. It's a cheesy little switch.

By the way, I wouldn't recommend throwing a blanket over the speakers for any extended period while they're playing loud. Voice coils dissipate heat.
Minus3db, I checked the heat situation periodically. No problem, but I just draped the blankets and fur coat over them rather than sealing them tightly. Dave