I got a little rig what do I do now?

OK, here's the deal...

Have a little rig:

1. Arcam Alpha 8SE
2. Anthem Integrated 2
3. Epos ES12
4. DNM Reson cable, speaker and interconnect

The amp isn't working, I have sent it to John Wright who is here in town. Hope to get it back, better than before. I am getting the bug again. I'd like a more full range sound. Speakers and cable are the first things I though to go after. What does the 'gon think?

As an aside, I did try a cheap LG DVD player as a source running into (optical) a Yamaha multichannel receiver and I could bear it - just, but didn't really object then... Fired up the Arcam with analog RCA and the difference was so crushing there are not words!!

The only thing we have in this life that IS finite is time. Please don't waste it with crap, each of us is worthy to make the most of our time.
"The only thing we have in this life that IS finite is time. Please don't waste it with crap, each of us is worthy to make the most of our time."

Then why are you wasting your time with LG DVD players? Go NOW and seek a quality floor standing speaker! THE 'GON HAS SPOKEN!

You are wasting the 'GON's time by not listing preferences such as price point! THE 'GON HAS SPOKEN!

The Vandersteen 2CE Signatures just listed would be a very pleasing possibility. THE 'GON HAS SPOKEN! ;)
Hunterg, for a guy with such a little rig you sure have a big attitude.

First off want to apologize, the last para in the original post is poorly executed, I didn't intend to pose the idea in such a way, it comes across pretty adversarial, not my intention, but THE 'GON doesn't have a nifty edit feature otherwise it would have been GONE' long ago....

I certainly wasn't trying to raise any ire or offend anyone. I hope this can be accepted by everyone. Again the edit feature would have been pretty handy too.

The LG just happened to be attached to the remaining receiver amp, as a result I listened to it for nearly two months (hence the "waste of time" comments) until pulling my head out.

As for the vague questions laid out in the first post. I can fill in a few details:

1. Price, I figure $2k is in the budget for speakers, and or cable if necessary.

There have been 102 people so far view this thread, I've apologized, If I read the original post as an observer, I would have thought the guy a prick too. Please let the discourse flow.

This thread cracks me up... funny jabs Doug & Chad!

As far as speakers, I'd shoot for some Dynaudio floorstanders (currently listed in your price range: Audience 72's, Contour T2.5's & two pairs of Contour 1.8 mk II's). I love the Dynaudio house sound... very full bodied, with good dynamics and tonal accuracy (meaning they just sound right to me).

Other current listings to consider: Polk LSi 25's, Meadowlark Herron's, Proac 2.5's. Also Doug's suggestion of the Vandersteen 2CE's Sig's is very solid.
Hunterg, we're just havin' fun! Apology accepted. You're not the first who'll stick oversize foot in mouth, nor will you be the last! It's all part of what adds to "entertainment value" in the 'GON!

the ProAc Studio 125's would also be very nice! THE 'GON HAS SPOKEN! tee hee hee

Now, that's two very good speaker suggestions!
Well I'll start looking for loudspeakers along the lines of those suggested. I was intrigued by the Meadowlark Heron. Does it sound different than the Kestrel? I don't know too much of the ProAc or Dynaudio but have heard a great deal about them. I'll let you know
The Heron is the Cadillac, the Kestrel is the Chevy Malibu.
If I were to pick between the three brands, in order, I'd pick: 1. Dynaudio 2. Proac 3. Meadowlark (no longer in business)
I had heard Madowlark's done, in fact looked closely at there gear when closing. Have listened to some and thought it was OK; didn't do what I wanted at the time, but I'm after something different now. I haven't ever seen a piece of Dynaudio gear but did quest after the stuff when they sold to the DIY. Have seen but never really heard ProAc.

I am honestly trying to reproduce a drum solo, I know sounds a little pointed, but my speakers now just won't do it. Need a full range sound.

Was intrigued by the heron because there are a few up for sale.

Need to know if I have the amp and cables to do it with a capable loudspeaker too.
The only real drum solo I have ever been fully blown away by was with DIY speakers with Pro woofers and mid along with Horn subs running 500w amps, ofcourse this was a full scale full blown sound. Getting close to that can be done, but as for a totally "real" sound....I dunno.
"I've got a little rig what do I do now?"



(Get new speakers and start from there)