I give up ..acoustic treatment for room with vinyl plank flooring

Ok so I have a small dog that for the life of me cannot stop from pissing on my area rug in my listening room. How would you treat a room and leave the floors bare? the room is 13x13 and has only 5 feet of back wall where I sit in the center the rest is open on each side into another room .. floor to ceiling is 7 feet 6 inches ..treat ceiling above the speakers at first reflection? treat wall behind my seat? 

Thanks Tim
i have a rough layout but have no idea how to post images here 
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Contact GIK.  They will help.  I’m guessing some 244 panels at all first reflection points.  Ceiling, side walls, center of the front and back walls.  You might consider buying 2 extra ones that you can just move onto the floor in front of the speakers when you are really listening.

My grandma always rubbed the dogs nose it it which works well.  They must hate the smell of their own piss all over there nose, lol.

I’m an animal lover... maybe your dog just gets really excited to be listening to music with you 😁
No George.....not that way
No George.....not that way
I love animals, and also thought it cruel, but it was the only way in the end in my case with one of my pets, I tried everything, as has the OP.

Cheers George