I found a pair of mint Carver Amazings

A friend of mine had a pair and I think for there age they sound pretty good. My question is What amp will wake these speakers up and really make them sing
Thanks in advance
try a Carver sunfire amplifier or maybe a pair of them
I listened to a pair of these Friday afternoon. They were powered by the biggest Bryston stereo amp and a current model Levinson amp rated at 200/400 wpc. Neither of these amps could get these speakers to open up. I was thoroughly unimpressed. To be fair though, i did notice that one of the ribbon tweeters was moving in unison with low frequency input, so my guess is that something was very wrong with at least one of these speakers. Sean
Try a big Plinius amp, the Carver's need lots of power with no amp strain as they get bright very quickly. Old Krells (not the KAV line) would work fine also. Aragon and McCormick comes to mind also>

I'll also stay with Mejames about Sunfire.
You should go for 600Wpc version.
...I also heard that thay have tendency to destroy output stages due to their deep and continuouse impedance dips so make shure you're getting a "welding machine" type of amp(s).
Get the H20 Ice moduled amp by Henry Ho. It is made to power Apogee Scintillas. I heard that combination and it was heavenly. I have recently bought Scintillas and intend to replicate that wonderful combination. A stereo version of the amp is $2000. Look on the Apogee board if interested. Bob
Thanks for all the responces so far, I currently have a Levinson 332, doesn't sound bad I just think I need more bass control, How about Parasound JC1, Spectron??
Thanks Again
you are going backwards with the parasound...the levinson is in another league.....maybe a 600 or 1000 watt McIntosh monoblock...maybe the autoformers will help with the low impedance and demands of your speakers...

a Bryston 6b or 7b is a 500 watt monoblock that can be wired to operate in parallel if that helps; these amps work well into low resistances and are moderately priced considering...about 2000 or a little more
Update, I moved the speakers so the ribbon is on the outside instead of the inside
big improvment.
I also tried a Krell KST with much better results
I listened to a pair of these with a big Levinson amp and a big Bryston driving them. Both were completely inadequate for these speakers. I don't doubt that the Krell would be a better match, both in terms of sheer grunt factor and tonal balance. Sean
Try a Krell Ksa-250 if you run across one at a good price, should be a great match and have plenty of control. I have one I use with my Apogee Duetta Signatures...a good tube pre-amp to top it off will be a great system.

Find yourself a couple of pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocs for about $1200 per pair and bi-amp them. One pair will get it done quit nicely....two pair will bring those speakers to their knees.
I have a pair of Carver Amazings and I use 2 carver TFM-55's to drive them
Azstars2004, get two pair of Silver 9t monoblocs. Your speakers will make a quantum leap in performance.
You guys *really* feel the need to revive a nine year old thread? Isn't there anything new happening out there?

Sanders Magtech is designed specifically for difficult loads such as panel speakers. It also sounds very good with typical dynamic speaker systems.