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that CRT's way so much. My 36" Sony weighs 250lbs and is in a cabinet and I don't want to take it out, but it died last week and I have it's replacement.

The 40" died last year and was 400lbs.
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Take it apart and make it easier to move.
Advise: Go to store, buy a new TV, pay for delivery along with old TV pick up. You may not save a lot of money but you will save your back!
No way!
How do you dispose of a CRT? I heard that it has to go to a recycling center.
I had the same 250 pound Sony die years ago, and bought a new HDTV, with a pick up and disposal deal, as part of the purchase.
just get out your skill saw and cut it into 4 or 6 pieces, then you can move each out individually ;-)
I liked those big HD CRTs they still have the best picture quality
I've heard a lot of people say that, but I had a high quality Hitachi CRT, and as nice as it was, it couldn't compete with the Samsung LED that I have now.
Hitachi HD CRT and Sony XBR Wega CRT compare like Kia Rio vs. Merc SL500
All joking aside. Over the last two years I’ve replaced our CRT and 55” projection TV’s. The CRT was a 32” Mitsubishi, what a beast. I purchased a Samsung 46” Monitors from Amazon at a great price. I called Goodwill and they didn’t want the CRT. It sat next to our front door for a year. A few weeks ago I purchased a another Samsung TV to replace the big projection unit. This time, I went to a local Brick Mortar store and paid for delivery with old TV pick-up. I got rid of the CRT and Projection TV’s. I had to tipped the delivery kids 40 bucks to take the 2nd TV. I could have saved $200.00 buying from Amazon but it was worth the extra cost to getting those heavy beasts out of the house.
12-01-14: Czarivey
Hitachi HD CRT and Sony XBR Wega CRT compare like Kia Rio vs. Merc SL500

That may have been true then, but not now.