I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?

The curved cage on Primaluna amplifiers is extremely ugly. Their shiny cases do not help. Visually, they are worse than forgettable. I like the look of Line Magnetic amps, but they sound terrible. Is there a decent alternative?
Buy what SOUNDS good to you. Then put it in a cabinet. Itlll look great!

I am a rather visual type. It it does not look good, I keep thinking about the looks and it completely spoils the experience. 
I own both the PL Dialogue Pre and the HP power amp. The sound is enjoyable for the price point. With all the comments about the LM 518 I really wonder now if I am missing something. Good thing with the PLs is the tube rolling options to fine tune.
@lancelock  My speakers are 92db efficient. What's your opinion on how well the ZOTL40 will drive them?
@mdeblanc , I use the ZOTL40 to power my 87db sensitive Janszen zA2.1 hybrid electrostats and I have plenty of headroom. You could probably use the ZOTL10 and have enough power. LTA has a nice trial policy so you can send it back. I also use the MZ2 as a preamp for excellent synergy.