I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?

The curved cage on Primaluna amplifiers is extremely ugly. Their shiny cases do not help. Visually, they are worse than forgettable. I like the look of Line Magnetic amps, but they sound terrible. Is there a decent alternative?

It looks much better without the cage, that is true. But the fact that it is so shiny/smooth and that all transformers are in the same housing puts me off.

To see where I'm coming from let me give you an example of an amplifier that I find beautiful: Audio Research Dual 50. Now that is a beauty! Form follows function to the max. Or a Marantz 8b. Just gorgeous!


Not cool, bro. I am grateful to those colleagues who posted useful advice. You could have done the same. I'm sure you know a lot about audio.

check out Mastersound, fabulous sounding amp. I sat in the demo for about an hour and didn’t wanna leave the room (RMAF 2017).


If interested, speak with Skip at Audiothesis (very nice guy) and he will hook you up.