I envy what you know, not what you have

A gonner for a few years, I've built a system that makes me happy.

The room, speakers, amps, a tollerant wife; what more can you ask?--- musical knowledge!

I've read postings, as we all have, from those on Audiogon who carry the most weight; their experience in both, music and gear, define their reputation.

I will mention a few in alphabetical order; I'm sure I will offend many since since I need to finish this thread before Sue comes in to say that supper is ready, It's 9 PM. early tonight!

Albert Porter, Clio, Dougdeacon, Rauliregas, Rushton, Sirspeedy, Audiophile, and many more, to hell with the alphabet -- I know I've missed many, I'm sorry.

This thread is both a statement and a question. How many of you have made a decision that improved your audio experience because of one of the many top flight Audiogonners' postings? Did you ever let them know you're happy that you capitalized on their knowledge and experience? Even if you did , now is the time to say thanks, I know I will!!


This site has provided a treasure trove of knowledge and good fun with commentary.

I have been able to make better buying decisions based on the advice of fellow enthusiasts and for that I am grateful.

I have also tried to help others when possible and where I have been able to provides much satisfaction .
Many knowledgable Audiogoners have helped...,but from me I would have to say that Robert at Ridge Street Audio "takes the cake" for me..Outstanding product,Great sense of humor,and willing to do what it takes to help! Wish I could remember everybody else......Plenty of other great people out there trying to help.....
Yes recenlty I sent an email to a much more experienced Audiogon member to thank him for his positive words about my cdp which he also owns. His words caused me to keep the player and now I realize that selling it would have been a mistake.
Many have helped and many have been thanked, sometimes I feel the elites here dont pay too much attention to us who struggle to have what we do, you never see much encourgement or even acknowledgment from the heavy hitters tho most get respect from the lower masses. By far the 2 most helpful are TafkaSteve and John Routan from Audio Connection in NJ.
I talk to many here via email and phone so those folks know my respect and appreciation runs deep and for the others including Tvad, Kftool, Shadrone, Audiophiel, Ozzy, Tarasound, and many others are a wealth of knowledge even if I troll the post's without participation... I am still learning from many here.
Dear Ken: The Analog Agon forum is really a great universal audio reference library for all of us and day by day " suffer " an update, we can't ask for more!!!, Thank you to all of you.

Every single day I learn from many of what is posted else where. IMHO, the other people experiences ( bad or good ones ) are always " gold " for every one and we have it for free!!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.
I will join in expressing my appreciation for this community of fellow audio nuts. To those who contribute their time, experiences and advice in the Audiogon forums, thank you. And to those willing to ask questions, seek advice and simply share experiences, thank you; I learn as much, many times, from the questions posed by members seeking some advice or help as I do from the responses offered. Even when I'm not engaged in a particular conversation, I'm reading and learning from the experiences being shared.

A characteristic of this online community that I value highly is the overall courtesy and civility displayed by members in their interactions with each other (for the most part). That courtesy is what makes Audiogon a special place for all of us to come together to learn and share. When courtesy breaks down, as it does occasionally, it is a welcome sign to see members chime in to help move the dialog in a more positive and constructive direction. That is a particular strength of the Audiogon Forums that is a credit to the membership at large.

I look forward to our continuing conversations together!
I echo Rushton's sentiments (hope everything is going well in you new abode). I've had the opportunity to help a few folks out with the odd product manual, and I've gotten help a couple of times in the form of product advice or repair how-to's. The give and take, mostly positive, in the forums is part of what makes this a community. Plus, thanks to the Members Systems forums I finally have proof for my other half that I'm not the only one!
The joy of the hobby is enhanced by those who will share their perspective and understanding to help us still on the upward climb. I will further state that Overture in Wilmington has been great. This combination has made the pursuit of music that I can afford and aspire to fun. The time spent by those mentioned and more is truly appreciated by many. Thanks, Steve
Got some very good recommendations in cables, room acoustics and in music recordings/performance specific recommendations.

Just recently I've received great help with understanding, setting up and getting the most out of my first analog set up.

Thanks to all who helped!
I have to chime in on this subject, because I am in total agreement with Kftool.

Fastly approaching my 50th year, I decided to dust off the old high school vinyl, dump the old Pioneer PL12d and insert a nice rig into my 2 channel (poor man's) high end system.

I won't bore you with gear details, but will get to the point: If it hadn't been for all of you knowledgable veterans having the patience to answer simple stupid questions that have been asked time and again, I would not be drooling in awe of what i am hearing coming out of my new vinyl rig in my system. I knew nothing about tt pre-amps, cartridge loading, cart and tone-arm set-up, cleaning formulas, etc, etc.....absolutely nada!!!!

Thank you, veterans...guys like Dougdeacon, Rauliregas, Audiophile, psychicanimal, Seasoned, Stringreen, and many many more that I have failed to mention, for giving me a great education, as well as an enlightened appreciation for this hobby and for vinyl.

Best Regards!
I will express my gratitude in the sum of the help I have received from countless members, in a word: immeasurable! Thank you all for being there!
AudioGon as a context and its many members as the content have saved me time, money, and huge levels of frustration, that said, more importantly and of considerably greater value yet, is the spirited camaraderie and ability to share in the love of music and the pursuit of fidelity in its purest form, whatever that may mean to each of us at a given time. My sound-system and I have grown exponentially with the guiding thoughts and help of this organization, its invaluable it keeps it all real and a whole lot of fun and isn't that what it's really all about, anyway. Life is better with better Hifi.

Happy (Hifi) Listening!
For me, it started with Sean. I had to work hard sometimes to understand what he was saying technology-wise but the passion in his responses helped me to ask better questions and help others if could. I am eternally grateful To Sean and all of the others along the way to this day willing to show patience and share knowledge about audio. Finacially, I'm poorer, spiritually (the spirit of audio), I'm much richer.
Many have helped me with equipment decisions, to understand tubes, to select amazing new music and to enjoy community. I extend deep appreciation and thanks.
I've benefited from many folks here. Since I joined 3 years ago I've initiated 28 threads - usually seeking help from the experts. I have tried to convey my profound thanks to all who responded to those threads.

I've also learned so much more through following the daily discussion, and searching the archives anytime I've had a problem. Many of the folks named above are contributing their expertise in these discussions, but there are posts from many others who may not be the "usual authority" but have experience with a given piece of equipment, or expertise in something only slightly related to audio. It's this breadth of information that's been contributed by so many that creates the great wealth of this site. I'm grateful to all contributors!
We wouldn't have gotten back into vinyl, acquired so much great music, gear and knowledge (or spent so much money!) without the encouragement, enthusiasm and open helpfulness of regular contributors to this forum.

First among those (for us) was Twl, who guided so many here until he largely "retired" a couple years ago. Rushton, 4yanx, zaikesman and too many others to name also played valuable roles in our own progression. Raul and SirSpeedy, with whom I've shared a few tiffs, have taught me things I didn't know and a measure of humility too.

Whoever has helped, we've tried to thank and we hereby thank again. Rushton summed up our feelings about this place pretty well, and Raul pointed out what a great resource it has grown into. Friends, music and knowledge all rolled into one experience. What could be better?
A real compliment,to be mentioned in this company( I don't deserve this),and my own humility has been tested,and polished over time.I have definitely learned,and experimented from many subscribers here.My own personal approach to this forum is to read it,and "ponder" much of the comments.I then weed out the stuff that I find interesting,which pertains to what I want to accomplish,in my own listening, and research "that" particular point.FUN and...

As a matter of fact I am leaning towards biting the bullet,and moving to a new Tonearm,which has been influenced by my own listening observations,as well as feedback gotten from this fabulously entertaining(even during times of strife -:)forum.
Thanks,and best of luck.
I have certainly been directed towards, as well as away from certain components by knowlegable members with first hand experience. I have also learned of cost effective tweeks. Best example- Deflex panels behind the woofers in my Spendor SP100s. Very cheap, very effective.
I agree that much is to be learned from the experiences of others as posted here. Acquiring such knowledge is an excellent way to get your feet wet in this hobby, but once you have accumulated basic information, remember that the rest is nothing but subjective opinion. Don't be afraid to make your own judgments which may at times be contrary to that of a "guru".