I don't remember much, but I remember......

Not sure about you guys but it seems to me that things are getting a little tense here again and we need to have a little bit of fun! I was enjoying an evening of listening to my rig and then I saw it...my first CD(sorry guys too young for LP's!). I remember everything about the day I got it, the weather, the time, where it was purchase, even the price! The CD was U2's "Achtung Baby" I put the CD in(I have not listened to it in years)and was brought back to a time not too long ago when things seemed.....well, simpler. Then I got to think what a profound impact that one event had on my life, the joy of music. Does anyone else remember there first CD or LP? did it have as much of an impact on you as mine had on me?
It was in Ottawa, Ontario and I bought Buffy Saint marie's first album...it awed me with the mouth-bow instrument that she played...along with her "In Piney Wood Hills" song!

Followed that by Donovan "Catch The Wind"...Eric Burden & The Animals"...and so many more...
At the risk of dating myself, and with the caveat that I came late to the game of purchasing music, I got started with tapes and the first two were Synchronicity by the Police and Van Halen's 1984. Nice. Didn't get a CD player until 1993. Even more vivid, however, were the early mornings driving out to the beach at sunup in the old blue jeep when the only two 8 tracks we had were Pachelbell's Cannon in D and Willie Nelson. Couldn't have been more than 8 or 10 or so, but, when I saw Willie a couple of years ago (having not heard a note from him since) I was shocked to realize that I knew the words to nearly all of the songs. Spooky.
.... and his friends in toytown (specifically Dennis the Dachshund). However since I was about 5 years old, and since this LP was purchased on my behalf perhaps it doesn't count. I've still got it. Not really audiophile stuff, but plenty of good memories. My first real LP was Queen "A Night at the Opera" ... an album I still love. My first CD was Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" ... an album which I now really hate (sooooo bland).

I can't say I prefer CD or vinyl ... vinyl sounds better to me for some of the older rock recordings (Queen, Led Zep), but I definitely prefer the lower noise of CD for classical, especially choral or chamber music. However there's something about the sight of an LP spinning on a good looking turntable (in my case a Rega) which CD just can't capture. Perhaps I need to buy a top-loading CD player ?

BTW good thread ... life's too short to argue about subjective differences in equipment.
Yes, I remember both (actually three):
First record owned: "Song of the South" soundtrack. I got it from my parents when I was four. Played it at 1:00 am when I was supposed to be sleeping on a plastic protable record player (until I got caught).
First record purchased: Led Zeppelin II, still have it, still love it.
First CD purchased: John Coltrane, eponymous from 1957. Bought it on the way to college in 1987. Glad I don't have that CD player anymore.
I can't remember my first LP although I do remember a Black Sabbath record I did have. My sister could not understand what was wrong with me. I do remember my first hi end spkr however, it was the DQ 10. I been crazy ever since. Good thread.