I don't know where else to post this...so,

Anyone know where to find an attractive (or coll looking) little light for above me turntable. I listen in the dark and have to get up and run around like an idiot every time I change a record. I'm looking for something smallish, halogen (maybe)????

any ideas?
Check your local stereo shop. I know that mine carries a light for just such an occasion. If you have no shop near you, try a pro audio store (guitar center), or website. I know that I used those types of lights the most in pro audio situations.
what i use. very cool, very expensive.

Audio Advisor at www.audioadvisor.com used to carry one. Check with them at 800-942-0220
Got a flashlight?
Here's a couple of pendant lights you may find interesting.


It's the smaller 8" version which may still be too big but it's a nice design.

And here's one at The Home Depot that I think is just the right size if the decor is a match:


Beyond these two there is a slew of little pendant-styledlights that should work well with most any decor and on a dimmer these smaller lights could offer just the right amount of style and lighting you seek.

Do a search for Littlite Mark
I think you want the littlite. It's available from AudioAdvisor or Interstate Music and lots of other places.
I use a Little Lite. They work very well.
I second the Littlite. They've been in use all over the world for at least three decades now, because they put light just where you want it without destroying the "mood" And if you want more mood, you can even get colored filters for them ;~))
Hi folks, Audio Advisor has them and I'm looking into one also. They aren't exactly cheap though.
I would avoid halogens and fluroscents due to the transformers and all... I have a simple incandescent lamp with a bendable neck to the right of my TT, works quite well, and I can shine it straight onto the TT for close work, or bend it to point to the wall for ambient light.

Have you thought of candles? :)
Home Depot etc has those under shelf light strips that work fine too.
If you don't want to spend the money for a Littlite and you've got a place over the turntable to mount it, this lamp from IKEA works well. I've got one mounted at the top of a CD rack and it gives just the right amount of light to be able to read the CD titles. It's halogen but a low-wattage bulb that's good for night-time listening. I might be possible to install an even smaller bulb but I haven't tried that.

The arms telescope and swivel within a limited range, making it easier to put the light where you want it without having it shine in your eyes, depending on your mounting options, of course.
Another vote on the LittleLite I got mine form AudioAdvisor.Com they offer either a clip on or a weighted base.