I dislike so much new music, but I am liking this very much!

I really like this album. Band of Heathens, Duende. Alt/pop country out of Austin. If you have musical listening roots in classic rock, 70s America , and the alt-country of Wilco, check this out.

I think they sound like a band writing individual songs. The sound quality is good for today’s pop music.

They have great hooks, audibly legible lyrics, and great tone.

Here is a cut from Phosphorescent :
And Lumineers:
Mutual Benefit: entire album , try to listen to the entire album all the way through, close your eyes,let the music take you away.....


Thanks for the Mutual Benefit recommendation.  Here is the first sentence from allmusic.com review:

""Gentle" and "reassuring" aren't necessarily the most exciting compliments to give an album, but Mutual Benefit's Jordan Lee turns those virtues into a remarkably engaging full-length debut. "

Certainly a genre-bending offering.  Some music may inspire one  to jump up and dance, this seems to invite the listener to lie back and breathe deeply.  The second album, Skip a Sinking Stone, is a continuation of the same sound and is also very good.  Both of the albums are quite accessible.  Good stuff.
You want toe tapping ,need to get up and boogie? Alt Country
The Wood Brothers first 3 albums! I have seen them live 3 times. Super in concert! 
I And Love and You , The Avett Brothers is real fine album.