I'd like to get a tube preamp recomendation

I've got an Ayre V3 amp and would like to couple it with a tube preamp. Has anyone paired a tube preanmp with the V3 that they feel is a great match?

My system is primarily used for analog.

Thanks in advance for your help
Ayre K-3x preamp with phono pre built in.

Why go tubes when this preamp would match your system perfectly?

Not to mention it is an insanely good preamp.

I haven't paired the 2 Personally but My Recommendation for a Preamp is : Balanced Audio technology (B.A.T.) VK-5i.
I have a VK-5i that ( I'm about ready to upgrade to VK-50 series ), sounds fantastic and 1 of the Best. Quality built and the Sound is stupendous ! If you can audition a BAT Preamp on your system then by all means. Should be able to Buy 1 on Audiogon at a pretty good price. Good luck and enjoy.
Tok20000 makes a good point, however, if you are so inclined I would consider either a CJ premier 17 or if your budget alows a 16ls II. I understand Blue Circle as well as BAT makes some very good tube pre-amps as well. Contact a couple of dealers advertising on the gon and see if you can arrange an in home trial. You will need to purchase a phono stage for either of the Conrad Johnson products I mentioned. I am not sure about Blue Circle or BAT.

My recommendation is to look at Copland preamps. I had a CSA 303 that was great at giving the holographic imaging that I look for. I upgraded to a Hovland HP 100 and while the top end extension of that unit was great, it didn't have that body and feeling of performers in the room that the Copland had. I went back to a Copland, this time a CTA 305. As a bonus the preamps have a good phono stage built in that is also tube. These units can be had for about $1000 on the used market. Copland is a Danish company that doesn't get a lot of press on this side of the pond. They have great sound and great looks to boot.

I had an Ayre V3 a few years ago teamed up with an Audible Illusions L1 tube linestage. The V3 has a great holographic effect itself. The L1 was just a bit too dark in that combination of gear that I had. You might want to try that combination. You can pick up the A.I. gear for about $750 used for the L1 or $1000 to $1500 for Modulus 3 pre w/phono.

I think the Copland with it's great holographic qualities combined with the V3 would be killer, but, that is a guess on what I heard of the two seperately.

Good luck.