I'd like to buy a cd recorder . Please help.

My system consists of the following:
Classe Ten-----Amp
Classe Four-----Pre-amp
Linn Lp 12,akito arm,Troika cartridge,valhalla
Arcam Cd92-------Cd player
Castle Howard-----Speakers
Nakamichi LX5-----Cassette deck.
Transparent Super interconnects.
Linn K400 speaker cable.
I have quite a few cassette's that I've made over the years that I'd like to listen to in the car. Some of the cassettes may be near the end of there life span so i"d like to digitize them.The sound quality of the cassettes are resonably good (all things considered) so I 'd like a Cd recorder to preserve the music. I've done cd to cd copies on my computer but I don't think it's (or me) up to the task of copying a bunch of tapes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
While it's nothing fancy, i purchased a TDK "audio" burner from Best Buy a while back. I bought this based on TDK's reputation as making great "bang for the buck" puter based burners, although i'm sure it is built for them by someone other than the people that build the puter burners for them. It has served me well and was about $250 on sale.

While this unit is probably not nearly as high of quality as some other "audiophile approved" models, it didn't cost that much either. Given that i'm only using it to make duplicates for use in the car or to record concerts that are broadcast via FM or satellite, it was a great investment.

As a side note, "audio" burners WILL make copies of copies, which i've heard is sometimes hard to do with a puter based burner. Like anything else, i'm sure that there is a way around this, but you don't have to worry about that OR any of the other copy protection that is currently being used on commercial discs at all with an "audio" based burner. Disc's that have sent my puter CD system into a loop have burned just fine on the "audio" burner.

If i was interested in an "audiophile grade" burner, there's a specific Pioneer model that is rumoured to be VERY good. Can't remember the model and i think that it is discontinued, but if that was your desire, i'm sure that i could dig up the info for you. Sean
Since you already have a burner on you PC, I would suggest you save the money on a CD Recorder and get yourself some good cd/burning software for your Computer Burner and try and master the options that the software has to offer. There will be so much more you can do with the music files once you transfer them to your PCs hard drive before you burn them to CD’rs.
Not many made anymore I have the Pioneer Elite PRD19 see if you can find a used one. It has a real good A-D converter.
TASCAM makes a dual-well machine that includes a cassette deck and a CD recorder. A friend has one of these and it does a perfect job of transferring cassettes to CD as well as recording from vinyl and has a direct digital link for duplicating CDs. Not cheap -- around $6-700 if I remember correctly -- but a great unit.
I agree with sweetseat. If you have a good soundcard in your pc you will get good results.I have used this option myself. I also purchased audio restoration software called diamond cut 32 the cost was $99.00 and easy to use.The possibilities you have with this is remarkable, you can restore your records tapes older cd's and mostly any audio source like new or to your liking.The options you have with this software just to name a few you can add the sound of tube warmth or dynamic range or take the hiss out of your tapes or take click and pops out of your albums. At the time I purchased this you had a free demo that could be downloaded to try out www.enhancedaudio.com
TASCAM CD-RW700 will do the trick for you. Just plug your Nak IC's into the back of the 700, set the sound level and presto. Excellent audio reproduction. All of my "treasured" tapes are now spinning on CD's made by this great unit. Watch for used on 'Gon and snap it up....this unit will do it all.
As to Sean's memory laps, I think the Pioneer model he is thinking of is the 35Lb Pioneer Elite PDR-09. It was the first CD/Recorder brought into the USA and retailed for about $5000.00. Very nice unit, I have owned 2 of them in the past.
alesis' masterlink supposedly makes great CDs from analog sources. Lots of them are out there, used ones starting in the mid $500's.
I have been using the Sony RCD500 299.00 at Crutchfield. Is there a loss...yes but not as much as you might think given the price. Using Mitsui CDR's is a must. I would say that a recorded disc from my VPI Aries is superior to many store bought CD's. If you want a better CD recorder, get the Tascam or the Marantz pro model which is very good. I have recorded many discs for friends and they are stunned at how good they are. Many have rekindled an interest in vinyl as a result. Jallen
Goodsie, I gather your CD-RW700 hasn't yet made the round trip to Montebello as mine has, and my friend's. Great machine all right, except when it stops working.

The other Tascam I mention above (with integral cassette deck)is the CS222, costs $600, has worked flawlessly.
The inexpensive TDK will serve your purposes. I have one as well.
the Pioneer mentioned above was the 739 and later the 839 model if purchasing used be sure the source 3 disk changer transport is working they break alot.
I third the TDK "Audio" unit.

I have had mine one year as of August 8th and it has performed very well. I tried to purchase a Pioneer PDRW839 before Pioneer stopped making them, but no luck. I actually purchased three units along with the TDK and tried them all against my friend's W839 and the TDK was the winner. It sounded exactly like the Pioneer and was the only one that could record our defective test cd.

The one I purchased was a DA-5900. I don't think it is currently being manufactured.

Good luck,
get a Sony pro unit like the one I have CD-R W66. They are the best in reproduction and have SBM and a host of features. Excellent value for money. It serves as a good transport too. depends on how much work you want to do with it.
Good luck
Lngbruno: That's encouraging to hear that the TDK held up that well. I have a different model than what you do though as i think that mine is older than the one you mentioned. The model that i have is a DA-3826, which seems to work fine although it does do one weird thing.

If i leave it turned on for a looooong period of time sitting idle, the "playback" side of the two transports begins to spin the disc like it was trying to read it. The motor is WAY louder than normal when this happens, so it's not hard to tell that something goofy is going on. Even with that, i have no complaints about this unit at all. Sean
Hi Sean,

Sorry to hear about your playback phenomenon. It doesn't happen on mine. My friend's Pioneer 839 locks up during finalization every 15-18 discs. One of life's/technologies little querks.

I have made about 200 cdR's and use mostly TDK, Maxell Gold (made in Japan) and Mitsui music cdRs. Recently, I tried some Memorex Black All USE cdRs and they appear equal in sound quality as the others. I also have some Maxell Pro's to try. They are the one's with the triple coated surface...I think they may just be re-labled Mitsui's by the discription. If so, I will probably use them as an alternative to the Mitsui's since they have to be special ordered.

OBTW, call TDK's service department to see what they say. I telephoned them before my 30-day trial period was up to see how fast they responded and answered questions and they were excellent. I talked to Rudy and then to the Manager - Dave.
Dopogue....Really sorry to hear about your CD-RW700 troubles..I just knocked on wood, my 700 has whipped out over three spindles (100's) without a hitch....other than operator error...Sic!! Hopefully, it will continue on for a while longer so I can archive the rest of my compilation needs.

By the way, what broke on your and your friends 700, so I can keep a watchout? Advise...thanks
Buy a HHB burn it 830 or an Alesis master link. They are the only real good options.