I could not believe my ears

I post this is a separte thread, since it has to do with power cords also, I believe.
Not only did I receive the Siltech G5 interconnects yesterday, but also 3 power cords made my Virtual Dynamics and a set of Heavy Hats vibration control.
So all of my components, even the Martin Logan speakers, have after market power cords now. They are made by Granite Audio, Ensemble of Swiitzerland and Virtual Dynamics of Canada.
Also, I finally received one set of Heavy Hats brass weights made by Mapleshade. So quite an upgrade in one day.
Anyway, I was listening (half dreaming away) to a favorite record, with a wonderful male voice singing, when, in my half dreaming state, I said to myself, what a beautiful female voice I hear in the background, when it suddenly hit me me like a lightening: I have never heard a female background voice before with this recording.
I have honestly listened to this record dozens of times and never heard this female voice in the background. Its even possible to tell that she is standing a couple of feet behind the male singer.
It was not the Siltech G5 interconnects alone, it was the combination of excellent i/c's, power cords and Heavy Hats vibration control, which made this possible.
But isn't it pretty dramatic, to suddenly hear a voice which was not there before? Doesn't that mean that a lot of information lies hidden in a redbook cd and only very good equipment will give us all the resolution capacity necessary to really hear this hidden info?
Possibly. Don't automatically assume it was the cords though. I've heard things I've never heard before listening to a recording on a car cassette player! It's great when it happens...sometimes you have to listen to a piece several times before certain details hit you.
Put the old cords back in and listen carefully for the female vocal; I bet it will be there.
I would like to know what piece of music it is so I can purchase. Please let us know.


PS> What do you think about the Virtual Dynamics stuff so far?
Good for you. It is great when this happens. It feeds the fire. I remember reading a review in UHF magazine and they were using Doug Maleod. They were talking about hearing certain things in the mix that they hadn't heard before so I played the cd and realized I've been hearing this all along....Tekunda, regarding the siltech gen 3 I've heard the best way to describe the sound was as if each note exploded with musical energy with such a rightness or correctness about it you questioned everything you had heard before....enjoy the fun but take a break when you can...that is one tiring process, listening to cables for differences....bluenose
The CD is called: I will sing. Its a gospel artist and his name is Donmoen.
Its on track #2: "Our father" at around 1:10 to 1:27 and again at 1:50 to 2:10 minutes.

You do not have to be religious to enjoy this wonderful cd.

You can find it a www.integritymusic.com
I know what you mean. I've upgraded my system and went to audio magic cords and wow, what an upgrade. since that time i've started selling them because i was so impressed and because i wanted a part time job it was a nice fit. but the audio magic gear just put everything in fourth gear and away i went. just recently a put a sama on my vpi tt and wow, talk about a new sound. just like what you were saying. if any of you have a tt where the motor is not separate, trust me, just buy a separate motor and listen to the difference. you won't believe it. all the vibrations go away, all the noise , everything.

Tekunda, how do you like the Virtual Dynamics power cords? Are they really "giant killers?"
I am happy to see that you are having lots of fun trying new cables. I have a comment though in general about the experience of hearing "new information" on cd's as you describe.

I have had the experience of hearing "new information" a different way without changing gear at all. There seem to be too many variables involved in listening to gear and music to assume that any one or two changes is what produced the "new information" to suddenly stand out.

I have listened to certain songs at least a couple hundred times over years of play, then all of a sudden I hear another instrument or vocalist. I think for me, I am evolving as a listener and I appreciate my songs more and more over time. Also, the time of day seems to be a variable also that affects my system.

One last thought. Does anyone think that maybe our brains only process or absorb certain amounts of info at a time when we listen? Maybe over time we get to a new level of understanding and maturity when listening to our music that we sometimes perceive "new information" seemingly out of nowhere.

I know gear changes will yield changes in presentation and so forth. This thread just got me thinking...or shrinking.

Good listening Tekunda.
Interesting discussion.
I have also heard new things various times when trying new equipment. Almost all the time when I go back to the old setup, the new thing or sound is there and is very noticeable. I am not sure I understand it. When I go back and forth from old setup to new the new sound is slightly more obvious with the new setup bu I unvariable find myself wondering how I never noticed it before.

If you did all the tweaks at once how do you now which helped.
Only proper waay is one component at at time to tell if yu are getting improvment.
One component may have made 99 % of the upgrade.
Steady and slow gets you there
Yup, I have a particular disk that I liked listening too and over a period of a few months I upgraded my speaker cables, then interconnects, both me and my wife could hear more. You get to a point though where to hear more it is an exponentially expensive proposition.