I could cry

That damn cat. It finally happened to me. The cat got locked in my storage room with my several hundred albums. Yep you guessed it. What a mess. Should I kill the cat ?
What? You mean the the cat is not already dead?
The microwave is your friend.
Cat skin hats are very "in" right now.
Did your cat lock itself in your storage room?
Great time to get out of vinyl. This is no doubt some manifestation of INNER ANALOG RAGE!!!

P.S. - Reward the cat.
Getting locked in the storage room was not the cat's fault.
Cat...the other white meat.
agree with tvad. not the cat's fault.
If my cat ruined any portion of my LP collection there would be a dead cat and probably a divorce (unless I could talk my way out of that one).

"Sorry honey, but it was just too much to bear"
Shouldn't kill the cat. It was in a locked area and had to pee somewhere.

Maybe you should consider placing litter boxes in all the places you plan on locking your cat in. ;-)
Cat didn't pee. Scratched up many covers. Luckily the albums survived.
Well at least you can still play the LPs.

Not the cat's fault and you lucked out on the peeing scenario.
...you lucked out on the peeing scenario.
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I was envisioning the worst case scenario, and you escaped it. Big time.
gotta agree with tvad and dc...... not the cats fault.... do no harm to the cat.....
Cats will be cats.

My cats did that once in my apartment. Stored records make grreat scratching posts! I still have the shredded label edge sides to remind me. Gotta give them credit, they didn't pee either. At least the records went "unscratched".

Try dogs.
As the line in "Young Franknstein" goes;
"Could be worse"
"Could be raining"
We had a leak in our home while away for a week 1/2. 600 albums were stacked against the wall,on edge waiting to be placed in their new spot. All the album covers were fused together with mold. And I mean fused. Took me hours & days to clean them all. Now I have 600 albums with no covers. They all have new sleeves of course. I tear up every time I go to play one. Good side? They have never been so clean....
Not the cat's fault. Sometimes owners have to take responsibily for their pet's behavior. We take on ownership of animals knowing full well their instincts and behavior, animals following their instincts should not be made to suffer a death sentence or abuse of any kind. Be thankful your vinyl was not damaged!
confetti city huh?

Wait for a parade then.

Just about always, we can either "Lower our expectations, or assume responsibility".

it happend to me too in a different scenario, though the same result. Lots of confetti was saved for some special event. that was in 1980.

In 2002 my football team won the Super Bowl... the parade received the now defunk cats 'contribution'... or something similar.
Many times record jackets can be found, unless we are talking rare? As long as the lps are fine just be on the look out for the covers, even if the lp in the jacket is a throw away. Oh and please keep the cat away from this area,like spraying some pet product that will keep mister Jinx away.
Very sorry to hear of this blow. Not the cat's fault, but still a real bummer. Chin up though, somethng will come along to make you feel better sooner or later. Meanwhile it's good to hear Schipo saying covers can sometimes be found... just in case it happens to me.
I wouldn't be too harsh on the cat, it was probably just looking for your Cat Stevens albums, or perhaps the single Cat Scratch Fever. And you can't blame it for getting locked in the closet...
I did cry when my kitten died...
Wee Hughie was in the garden filling in a hole when his English neighbour peered over the fence. Interested in what the mad man was up to, he politely asked, 'What are you doing there, Hughie?'
'My goldfish died,' replied Wee Hughie tearfully without looking up, 'and I've just buried him.'
The English neighbour was very concerned. 'That's an awfully big hole for a goldfish, isn't it?'
Wee Hughie patted down the last heap of dirt then replied, 'That's because he's inside your cat.'"
My dogs were jealous of the time I was spending with the turntable, so they arranged to de-tip the cartridge.

The turntable now sits in a closet.

I still love the dogs.
Write a "THESIS" on the subject!
A little off topic but might give some insight as to what pet owners might tolerate.

I was over at Dusty Vawter's home a couple years back auditioning his D-200 amps. Dusty has a very nice set-up that includes a set of Von Schweikert speakers. Well a friend of mine and I were listening to some LPs and CDs when out of the blue comes this cat that decides to scale the front of the right channel speaker leaping off to run a few more laps that included scaling the left channel speaker as well. Dusty acted as if it were par for the course and upon inspecting the speakers more closely it must have been a normal routine as the face of the speaker had several scratches.

As far as I could tell the performance of the speakers was unaffected.
One of my cats peed on my CD rack once, but left the vinyl unscathed. May have been making a statement about digital vs. analog.
One of my cats recently "modified" the dome tweeter on one of my speakers. It's now an "inverted" tweeter! Fortunately the hit to the wallet wasn't too bad. So the cat's off the hook. Besides I'm a vegetarian so barbeque was never an option.
Kill the moron who locked him in there. It wasn't the cats fault!
When you girls get through takin' up for that cat, I'll be over in the amp section. :)
C'mon Cruz123, afraid of a little pussy talk?
Been there,didn't kill the cat,replaced the albums,cat sitting on lap purring as I listen.
Time for Catoneese dish.
Anyone that would even think of killing a Cat over albums or stereo equipment is an asshole that deserves to be locked up, and watch someone take a torch to all of their equipment.
The glass is half full, not half empty. Thank the cat for giving you an excuse to buy new stuff.
One day, at my wife command, I took the garbage out to the garage while my Goldmund Studio was running with my Urushi Black. I returned to the house and it was in total silence. My son dropped a ball on my TT and broke the Urushi. It actually took me 2 min before I decide to spare his life. Now 4 years later, my son is still my son, the broken Urushi still broken. So here you go if there is any consolation. So, take 5, you might come to the right decision.
Time to teach the feline some music appreciation. May I suggest for some heavy rotation, at 110 db SPL: Cat Scratch Fever
I am not a fan of cats! I could care less what happens to them. It's a good thing house cats don't weigh 80 lbs, because they could, and would kill you given the chance. Personally I don't think they are fit for cohabitation with humans.....

With all that being said, I think it's clearly not the animal's fault, and the vinyl is perfectly fine. You lost your album covers. I'd be pissed too, mostly at myself.

Maybe buy all one color LP covers for the collection, and display them proudly. I just saw a home design show where they said take the jackets off your books, so they look more cohesive sitting on a shelf.

Many worse things in life than this one.
I should add that years ago on a few occasions, my girlfriends doberman had pee'd on my Quad 63's Arcici stands. I believe he did it simply for spite, probably not just to mark his territory. The stands were usable but rusted a bit. At least he didn't pee higher, directly into the panels. If he did he would have gotten a hell of a shock to a sensitive area, and rightly so.

Why wasn't this on CNN? Such a drama! Worse than the fires in Australia! Those people have lost more than just a vinyl collection, believe me! Come on, get serious! The cat had to do something while being locked up in there, just be lucky she didn't wet your records. At least the cat has manners! Yes, I'm in defense of your cat. I'm her lawyer! NOT GUILTY!
Your lucky you didn't get arrested for animal abuse, I'm sure PETA is monitoring this website as well.
Time to teach the feline some music appreciation. May I suggest for some heavy rotation, at 110 db SPL:
I thought of this idea. Think it's the best solution.
So is the cat sorry?
For those that took me serious about killing the cat. I did it. She's dead! I just couldn't stand it any longer. WOW, get a sense of humor
Not to catechise, but I think we can categorically state that it would be neither catallactic nor catholic (even if it were cathartic), to catapult the grimalkin for catalysing catgut from your vinyl catalog, despite the cathectic situation. Rendering catatonic the feline, even after such a cataclysmic catastrophe, would be catering to cattiness.
So it was the cat's fault that it was locked in your staorage area?

Be a man and deal with it. Hay you would have gone too if you had to.
Yeah, it's the cats fault! Little crap follows me around like a shadow. meowing and purring.... little bastard :)
Oh, and thaks for the advice, I will try to be a man.