I CONFESS: I Need Additional Chemical Input

Out of an overabundance of curiosity and at the risk of stirring up a spitstorm here, I actually applied an automotive ceramic coating to one of my cds! OMG! I also confess that I was too fearful of an electricians’ revolt to post this over on ASR!

About 2 weeks ago, I applied Meguir’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax to our old Toyota—primarily as a protective coat, but it does shine nicely. Rain beads like a mother. Being a cat person, I understand when I just can’t leave something alone. This need to find out more led me to a PhD and plenty of other adventures, so . . . I basically applied the stuff to my cd just like I did to the car: 1) Wash cd; 2) Spray wax onto cd while still wet; 3) Rinse well; 4) Dry/rub with microfiber towel.

I had to choose a reference quality cd that I could live without if the worst happened. I also used new, reference-quality microfiber towels.😏

The winning (?) choice was one of my favorite demo discs when I was retailing gear: the Sheffield Lab cd of Discovered Again recorded in 1976 by Dave Grusin with Ron Carter, Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason and Larry Bunker. Despite the inevitable abuse suffered on the sales floor, the cd has always sounded great. It still sounded terrific when I began the experiment with a baseline refresher listening critically to the whole cd. It still pushes systems very hard at times, especially Ritenour’s guitar and some of the percussion effects. I fondly remember analog days of yore when I had the direct-to-disc vinyl. Tried to get my revered Decca Signature to track Larry Bunker’s vibes on this album. When Decca’s were good, they were very, very good but when they etc, etc . . . you know!

After washing, coating and drying, I must report in all honesty that the SQ improved in my system. Ritenour’s peaks sang true and the mystery instrument in the left channel turned out to be a tambourine with metal discs, not plastic. Missing attack transients IMO. Soundstage was not so much bigger as it was clearly wider than my speakers. Low noise. Rain beads like a mother.

I sure would like to entice anyone already in possession of this car product to try this and verify my results. If you'd put it on your Porsche, what's a little cd? But more importantly, I’d like advice from the physics/chemistry wing of this forum to advise as to whether or not my Grusin cd is likely to self-destruct soon. Or maybe the laser will peel long ceramic curly-fries off my discs.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!


I have a jar of cherry jam - I'm ready to lend you for an experiment (rinsing CD disc is not necessary) ... I assume that the best results will be on MBL transport (the more expensive the better)


No transport tests implied or expected. That’s ASR stuff.

The jam sounds good though.

I like Novus. It is safe for polycarbonate and improves the reflectivity. The better the shine/ reflectivity, the better the laser can read the CD.

A little concerned about stuff like McGuires that hardens and doesn't come off. Although I agree it gave me the best shine of the 4 ceramics I tried on the car.