I close my eyes

when I listen to my music most of the time. i don't know why it makes everything sound better, but it does. i open my eyes after a track, and feel like i've just woken up from some "state" of being. do you know what i'm talking about?... the eyes closed thing?
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Yeah, darkness is a great "tweak". I like to listen with one tiny light or no light. It is funny how much better the sound is then than when the sun is out, and its funny how dreamy it can get. Less noise and more calm, I think.
Definitely! It also works with the other senses. Try to minimize the effect on all your senses but your hearing. It will make a world of difference on the level of music you experience.
I hope you don't do it while listening to your car stereo.

I've seen a few movies that would have been better this way....................................
I didn't know there was another way to listen.
It's called sense isolation. The fewer inputs to four of your senses, the greater the efficiency and power of your remaining sense. I think most "audiophiles" have been listening like this since the beginning. Thirty plus years ago my friends and I would lay around, lights out (just a couple of candles), eyes closed, headphones on - only way to hear the Firesign Theatre.

When we feel comfortable and safe, we almost automatically close our eyes while listening to music. I think the more musical (and therefore "right") your system is, the more easily you close your eyes but remain in a state of heighened awareness. It's how we are able to stay up until 2:00am listening to our favorite pieces; really is a form of meditation. Remember, some cultures believe sound is the most powerful force in the universe, more powerful than light.

That's how I learned to love Coltrane, Miles, and Bach decades ago. It also teaches how bad a lot of things are - try to imagine listening to current top 40 radio like this late at night. By this standard, the new Shania Twain record is an abomination. (By the way, how does one take a gorgeous girl like this and make her look so ridiculous as in her new video?)
Firesign in the 70s! Yeah, we closed our eyes, too, but I don't remember if that was just to reduce hyperstimulation because of the recreational chemistry rampant around me little body at the time!...
Caught Benjamin Zander and the BPO on Mahler 3 last Saturday, and it was difficult to trade off sonic nirvana for his delightful "dancing" on the podium...yet I would remember every few seconds to drop the lids (flashback pun?...phew!) and revel in the power of 110 magicians and two choruses. No intermission...hope it got recorded, as I preferred it over my recent Litton/Dallas by a longshot.
I wonder how a conductor integrates movement and eye-contact in response to his motivation and the sonic responses of the orchestra? Must be amazingly satisfying....