I cant get my sub to work on my cal ssp 2500

I just purchased a california audio labs ssp 2500 and this may sound like i am stupid but I cant get my sub to work I think maybe i am setting something up wrong. Is any one out there famaliar with this ?
I am not familiar with the ssp 2500,go to on screen display, go to speaker setup menu, check to see if the sub is set to [on or off].Most units have this feature for users who don`t use subs.Just a thought.
the sub IS set to on in the set up menu still no sub ???
Is the ssp2500 replacing a unit that you were using.? Or is this a first time hook up.What is your dit front end? Are you patching digital coax, or glass? Here`s a test,turn the volume control all the way down on your sub.Unplug the the sub patch cable from the SSP2500. Turn the volume control up just a little quarter turn,and holding the patch cable in your hand quickly thump the center pin of the patch cable with your index finger.If you don`t hear the woofer respond turn the volume up just a little more. Try again,do you here it now.If you do then we can assume the sub is ok.Please respond back after you try this.
THanks for trying to help I just figured out the problem I am using a cal cl2500 dvd player. I did just put the system together. The problem was inthe way I hooked the units together I was using the upsampled 96k output onthe dvd player and that does not send a signal to the sub. I used the coax output for 44-48 k to the processor and it seems to work just fine. I guess these thing can be a little tricky to figure out how to set up. I always laugh to myself when I read posts like these, now I see just how frustrating set up can be.
Combo audio / video with surround sound installations can have you pulling your hair out. Some of these installations give even the most knowledgeable and experienced "pro's" a few fits here and there. It's amazing how many different cables are involved with all of the various inputs, outputs and through-puts. Luckily, your problem wasn't that hard to solve. This time : ) Sean
Glade to here it.Now give it at least 100 hours to burn in.Cal makes a great product.I had a Cal Icon CDp several years ago.It served me well.Sold it to my nephew, he is still using it to this day.Oh by the way, read those manuals well.Proper set up will make a world of difference in the sound experience!