I cannot say enough about the KAB Concorde STY40 combo

I purchased one to add to my cartridge collection. This cartridge was spot on with all alignment, etc. I just had to adjust the arm level and tracking force. Most reviews say this combo is a 2m Black in a Concorde configuration at $300 cheaper. For my system (1200GR, ELAC PPA2 phono pre), this cartridge is the best all-rounder since I listen to all kinds of music. I highly suggest if you are looking for a cartridge for your 1200 series turntable. I know there are some who do not recommend the audiophile (non DJ) Concordes. I, however, as quite impressed. 


The Original Concorde was an MC cartridge and that version was an audiophile grade. Concorde MC200 is Moving Coil cartridge.

Now Concorde is MM

Neat to know that the original was MC. I'm surprised, with all the new general consumer TT buyers, Plug in Play cartridges has not made a comeback. I guess with so many entry-level tables delivered with cartridges installed, it may be a mute point.
The original Concordes for Audio use (not DJ) were super-light — by eliminating the headhsell, and the ’mechanical advantage’ of a 9-inch arm mulitplying the h’shell’s weight. Ortofon included a different, very small counterweight with the cartridge to compensate for this — it was about 80% lighter than the SME II c-wts I was using at the time, IIRC.

This markedly changed the arm’s effective mass, and may have led to so many gold-eared-audiophiles saying it was a lousy cartridge.

I never used one long enough to judge: I loaned it a friend and set it up for him, and it sounded very good on the SME/Thorens 125, through McIntosh pre- and power, and Martin Logan CLS-Z. The arm/TT, power-amp and speakers were mine, on indefinite loan (he was a good friend). Only the preamp was his.

Sadly he died... and died very sadly. The Executor of his estate believed me, but didn’t care that they were mine. However, she said I was welcome to bid on my own equipment at the estate auction.

She’d even give me a 10% discount if I bid the most for my own stuff and won.

I gave it a miss.
 There also was the Ortofon cartridge for the SME series III that incorporated the arm wand model 30M.

The Original Concorde 200 was not only an MC cartridge but it was an MC with replaceable "stylus" as you can see in the catalog. And it was a Nude Fine Line diamond and Boron cantilever combo!