I can't understand what Clark "Mumbles" Terry says

I have a hell of a time understanding the words when he sings. If I get a new preamp/fuses/cable elevators/ten foot ground rod/green marker/new concrete foundation/power cord/diamond tweeters/etc will I be able to hear the lyrics better when he sings?
lyrics.com might help

For years I could not understand "Mumbles" either...until I found CryoFuse fuse elevators. You place them between your AC outlet and components. They take the mumbles right out of Mumbles. They're AWESOME!!!!!
Oscar Peterson, "+ One", great release.
Seriously, Clark Terry is my favorite trumpet player. Check out "Friendship," his release with Max Roach...excellent.
Bojack, what are these CryoFuse fuse elvators that you said were awesome?Where can I find more information on these,thanks Ron.