I can't take anymore of those bad fotos Rant.

Please, everyone, stop wasting your time posting pictures in the ads using just the teensy digital camera flash that came with. Talk about a black cat in a coal scuttle.....
If you can't or won't spring for a slaved flash unit at least buy a couple of those reflector lamps for $5 bucks at the 'Big Box'. Light from behind and the side; well up and away from the object.
My pix aren't the greatest but at least you can see something other than what's in the very foreground.

How come only 1 of 3 of your ads havs pictures?
Feeling better now ? :)
Im more concerned with a sellers feedback.
If the seller's feedback is stellar,than the condition rating of the product is what I look for.Good pics,bad pics or no pics.

Perfect response. So much said in so few words. Elegant.
Pictures, pictures, and pictures! I would rather not post an ad if I don't have good quality photos for the items I am selling.
I definitely agree photos are very important for anything but but very cheap generic items......but not really necessary to invest in flood lamps or extra flash. Just use natural sunlight which is much better from well lit indoor area or take outside for photo.

Use digital macro mode (no flash) with timer and basic tripod and you will have great detailed photos....