I can't stop listening, the magic is back

My system finally jelled. I have the magic that I have dreamed about for years. I have had this magic before only to lose it after moving my speakers, changing an interconnect, or even rolling tubes. The magic stays and then all of a sudden one day you do nothing but it goes missing. What do you do? Try everything to get it back. And then, time to change equipment, and back on the audioholic bandwagon. Until the next fix. I hope this fix lasts forever. Stay away from audio shows and friends w. great systems. Keep your friends away so they don't point out anything wrong.

OK, honestly, I got the magic back and this time it is here to stay. And it all came by getting my speakers back on casters and changing the position slightly. I towed them in. Just a little patience and time.
Congrats, Dgad. Great to hear! It's amazing how the small things can make such a difference, isn't it?
Once you have found her , never let her go.

Dgad I take from your picture you have Wilson speakers to match the Wilson sub, I see. Toe in is very critical with them, from you listening position you are supposed to barely see the inside surface of the speakers.

I was taught by Dave Wilson himself, how to setup the WP.

Make a grid on the floor with masking tape and put a piece across the front of the WP. Make the outermost corner 0 and move then every half inch on the tape make a - 1 and a + 1
etc across the front then do the same thing on the other axis. Move the left speaker incrementally then the right until the image focuses perfectly.
Are they on carpet -- so you can see about where they were if you accidentally move them?
Plato, my speakers are on tile. 400 lbs. To be honest, positioning can mean a lot. They were on spikes on footers. But one thing I noticed is that different equipment can make a major difference in setup parameters and synergy. I also think the missing link is part of it all. You can buy the best of everything but if there is no synergy you really miss the magic.
Congrats! Pour yourself a nice single malt and enjoy.. Plus hide all the audio magazines, and have your a friend lock down your internet router so you can't access audio sites//

Tape that floor and measure!!! Just in case!

Have you put them back on spikes yet? How many spacers are you using 0-1-2? that's what I'm worried about when I drop them off the casters.

it (magic) all came by getting my speakers back on casters and changing the position slightly
Excellent! Dgad's experience also serves perfectly to emphasize yet again the importance of speaker set-up/ POSITIONING.

Dgad: you may find on occasion that the system seems to be losing its "magic"; DON'T touch it -- just bear with it. The magic will return (it's often just a passing matter of power fm the grid)
You'll get over it soon, not to worry.
Thanks to everyone here. Cytocycle. I used the formula for the heads. You can position up and down the angle depending on how you sit. The speaker becomes bright if the tweeter is off axis too much. I only used a the paw. No spacers for spiking. Maybe the height on casters is helping. Audiooracle is right about not seeing the insides. In my case I can only see the front. I had different advise earlier. Point the speakers at your shoulders. There was a hole in the middle.

But this synergy is more than just speakers positioning. I will give credit to my source components. Without them I would not have the bass. The CDSAse is incredible. SACD on this machine easily shows through the Wilsons. Also w. SACD you can voice more accurately than w. CD. CD's thinness of image is a problem.

On to Vinyl. It took me a while to match the compliance of my cartridge to get the right amount of bass. Get the turntable fully isolated from the room and subwoofer. Then there is the tube rolling. How often you replace tubes to find that your tubes were bad. I just put some nice Mullards in my phono. I also have the VTA & VTF just right. It is great when every change can easily be heard.
oh, the evanescence of audio nirvana. the sound of a stereo system may change from day to day, especially during the summer months. i have noticed this with my own stereo system and also when i viited my friend's house. i am quite familiar with both stereo systems. there are several reasons for this phemomenon.

enjoy what you have, while you have it, you may not have it for long.
Damn if Snofun3 didn't beat me to the punch!