I can't part with it; what should I do?

O.K. I know some of you are going to think I'm nuts (probably am) or a hoarder (definitely not). When I was around 16 years old (mid 70's) I bought my first stereo set-up; KLH model 7's speakers, Pioneer SX 737 amp, and a Pioneer PL 12D turntable (belt driven). I earned the money from mowing lawns! Now, I have a completely different and updated set up (VPI, Dunlavy, Krell). But I could never get rid of the Pioneer turntable. It's like that old baby blanket that I just never had the heart to let go. It's in pretty good shape, it still plays a record (though there is a bit of hum present). Is there a market for this type of table? (I think I still have the receipt). I'm tempted to even give it away, hopefully to someone that would appreciate and use it. I really don't think that is is worth much, probably not even the cost of shipping it. It's been at my wife's apartment, but she sold the apt. and is moving all her stuff in to our house, and there is no room for the table. I just can't take it to the curb. Any suggestions? Do you have a pet piece that you can't let go?
Do you have a pet piece that you can't let go?

Yeah, I hear ya. I been married almost 30 years now...and I just can't let go. ;)
I recently came across a Pioneer PL-10(very similar to your PL-12). Its specs showed nothing special but in real life playback it was a decent little turntable. It was in excellent condition and has since gone to a nice home.

If you cannot store the PL-12 you noted above, find an audio buff who'd like to give vinyl a run and give it to him or her.

I have one piece of gear I'll never get rid of, my JVC, DD-VR9 TOTL early/mid 80's cassette deck. It has a special appeal to me as back in the day I was not able to afford it and now can and know its a rare deck and KICKS A$$ sound wise. I'll put it up against most any other cassette deck made and know it will hold its own.
Man... You just brought back some good memories for me. That PL12D was my first TT purchase and it really bettered the next two I had afterwards. But no room for a second table now for me.
Have it rewired and a new cables/connectors installed. Having something old is always a way of finding balance with the new.
Those tables have foam damping in the suspension. The foam is rotted by now, but you can install new foam into the springs and give your PL12 new life. If you think it sounds good now I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the new foam.
Just keep it, wife may leave some day, PL12 will always be there.
Hi all, thanks for all of your responses, both humorous (Jmc) and practical. I think I may have it re-wired (Buco) and will check out the foam damping (Rrog), as I have noticed that it does seem a bit "floppy and dancy" when I move it by hand. Schub, hope my wife will still be here; just married her after 26 years of dating. No kidding.

But Buconero sent my mind wondering in a thoughful way:

"Having something old is always a way of finding balance with the new".

A golden nugget in that wisdom. Thanks Buc and thanks all. I'm hanging on to her!

Happy New Year!
There's a nice review of your table in the November/2012 issue of HiFi Choice. www.hifichoice.co.uk It's possible Barnes & Noble might still have a copy.
Regards, Sam
Sam, thanks. I'm going to check that out.
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