I can't get a wood bodied Benz anymore

I talked to the distributor and he isn't getting this cartridge anymore. What cartridge would be the closest to this cartridge. I talked to a couple of dealers but I got the Impression they were trying trying to sell what they had. I would like your unbiased opinion. Thank you.
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Oracle Audio Thalia High Output Cart (Benz Micro Ebony H)

Benz Micro LP-S Cartridge Low Hours
Which model, the plain wood (e.g. L2, SL)? I've had a Benz M2 Wood and Ref 3. I know they had a newer generation "S" class, but the ones I had were decidedly bettered by an Orotfon Kontrapunkt "c". I now also have the Cadenza Bronze, which is the newer version of the "c", and it's really nice.

Those Benzes had a nice enjoyable sound, but the Bronze is simply a better cartridge.
I have an S generation of the original L-2.
I have a Benz Ebony H that I sent to SoundSmith for a retip since there where no replacements avaliable. I paid extra to retain the original cantilever and just had them replace the diamond. It continues to make beautiful music for me and I probably will have it retipped again when it is in need.
I heard when you do that it doesn't sound the same. Plus I was told it takes 6 to 8 months get back the cartridge.
If you get it retipped, and by this I mean have the stylus replaced, as Drrsutliff states above, it should not have a change to the sound assuming you use the same stylus profile.

If you change the cantilever to a different material and replace both the stylus and cantilever then it would have an effect on the sound.

Soundsmith usually turns around items in 6 - 8 weeks. You shoudl ask them directly. I have never heard of or had them take 6 - 8 months to repair an item.
I had SoundSmith do a "re-tip only" on my Benz LP and I think it sounds the same as it did prior to the retipping, just with a whole lot better tracking since the stylus tip is no longer worn. The retipping didn't take all that long, maybe 6 weeks or so, and was within the time frame quoted by SS.
Cardas myrtle wood is a benz ruby in a myrtle wood body. It is still available.
Honestly, a re-tip only sounds like a pretty good option. I also think the original cantilever is key to maintaining the original sound. Recent reports on SS's turnaround time makes it sound pretty reasonable. What (much) have you got to lose if it's your best (and an affordable) optional to try and maintain the sound you like?

I have an old Koetsu Onyx Signature that I'm considering doing a re-tip only on.
I had Soundsmith retip a Benz Ruby earlier this year. The turnaround time was less than 4 weeks. I haven't installed it yet, so can't say about sound quality.