I can't find a box to ship my speakers,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have a pair of klipsch reference floorstanders that I would like to sell but I don't have the original boxes to ship them in. Is there any company on the web or otherwise that I could call with dimensions and have a cardboarb box made for me?

Trust me,,,,,,,,,,I've check every place in NYC. No one has a box this size.
You have run into the most common problem with buying / selling speakers via the net i.e. shipping them with proper packing. While i don't know of any source or suggestions to help you, i'm sure that there are TONS of people that have had / will have similar questions. As such, PLEASE share the info that you find if a suitable solution is not posted here. Sean

PS... I've driven to Newark and Boston to pick up various speakers that i wanted but was afraid to ship.
Call Klipsch with your problem.
Think "outside the box" and hire a carpenter...
Klipsch can get you a boxes--they're not cheap. You will wonder if they are made of carbon fiber to reduce vibrations in travel for what they will charge you. And they really are not ripping you off--boxes are surprisingly expensive. Conversely--and quite oddly enough, I had crates made for my Martin Logan Monoliths out of wood and styrofoam cheaper than boxes cost! Look up some crating companies in NYC--there's got to be dozens of them, and get them to make you a crate. Yes it will increase the weight--but will also protect the speakers far far better than any cardboard box (you can ship them ground freight too--and that will be cheaper).
Most Mail Boxes etc and other packing stores have people who crate for them, I wouldn't recomend using them to ship as they are expensive, but with a little tack you might find out who makes their crates.....
I have had really good experience with www.associatedbag.com
They have a lot of shipping supplies. Not sure about your particular size. But they have been great to work with on the phone, and very quick too. I needed a sample to verify my need, called on Friday, it was on my porch Monday. I have compared prices, and they were the cheapest too. Another option is your local U-haul should have these boxes they call "mini-wardrobe", which are quite large and could easily hold a large speaker if packed appropriately. They are around $7 each.
Use a carrier and send them as a "pallet" shipment. Most major carriers, even moving companies will do this. It isn't cheap but neither is UPS. That way, all you have to do is cover them with a packing blanket and strap them to a pallet. A fork lift does the rest?
Anyone here have a degree in fork lift driving? Neither do the guys that drive them. I've had enough stuff damaged IN boxes when they were strapped to a pallet that I'm not real comfortable with that one.
I worked on a shipping dock when i was in my late teens. Believe me, products that are well packed and strapped to pallets get beat to death and damaged. I would not want to rely on anything less than "built like a tank" packing to ship a pair of large speakers. One drop, bump or something falling on them could make them damaged beyond repair or "cosmetically challenged" otherwise.

As a side note, all speakers should be "shunted" when shipped. You can do this by shorting out the positive and negative binding posts using a piece of wire, a paper clip, etc... Some people prefer using a very low impedance resistor ( a few ohms at most ) rather than a straight piece of wire. Either works fine but the seller should make clear that the buyer needs to remove the shunt prior to operating the speakers. With all of the different "jumpers" on various speakers, don't take for granted that a buyer will know enough to remove the shunt. If you don't make them aware of this and they don't know any better, you will have one very irate buyer on your hands.

What a shunt or resistive shunt does is to keep the drivers from "throwing" or moving about freely while in transit. In effect, it uses the magnet to act as a brake on the voice coil. This holds it in place so that the driver can't be damaged from excursion, etc... Sean