I can't believe this.

I have had a Tascam recorder in for warranty repair since October. They claim they are backlogged and have no idea when they can look at it. They claim they are still trying to fix equipment that came in last summer.

But here is the thing that grinds me. They want, " I think they may be able to do a priority service for you, however as I mentioned, most of our service centers that do provide priority service have a fee for it".

This seems like bribery to me.



Ozzy I bought a Tsakadiris monoblocks for 4K, next to me about a mile from me.Unfortunatly they close. When I thought I needed help? The guy won’t even return my email? Though I believe he sells online. I think this guy is nice but lack responsibility to help his costumers.He won’t assist me though I was told by his rep , the service is in California? None. It’s in Canada, Iam from Illinois.Thank God Tsakadiris devices in Greece are so helpful.

Warranty work/claims are not like other services like shipping or airline seat selection. Both those are services you go into knowing there is a fee schedule,,, it will not be free. Warranty work is included and advertised as part of the product you purchase. There should NEVER be a fee scale/structure after purchase to something you already purchased. When you purchase a product with warranty, the inclusion of warranty service is a part of the deal.


Your being screwed.

Theoretically, one could wait forever if not paying the extra and individuals kept jumping the line by paying the premium. Never heard of this with audio repair before, ridiculous.

That is a horrible way to do business.  I agree with @grannyring, get your equipment out of there.