I/c needed

Looking for an i/c that has good detail with a full body and that understands PRaT. Will be placed inbetween a Wadia 850 a Manley Stinray (RCA only). Musical tastes are rock/indie. Thanks.
Try a pair of Stealth PGS. Excellent!
If you participate in one of the Auricle Audio Design auctions you'll get a pair (including unique hand built RCA jacks) for laughably low cost, and you'll finally be able to hear everything in the mix (even if they mumble the lyrics). Early adopters are basically getting something wonderful for next to nothing.
If you just want to order up ultimate performance from a moderate cost pair that has already garnered more "official" recognition then checking out realitycables.com is a great idea. Get OFC RCA connectors for the full experience.
No two designs sound identical although these both satisfy the criteria you outlined from completely different directions.
Stealth PGS yes (has a gorgoeus honey glow to mids/upper-mids), Audience AU24 maybe (slightly blunted transients), Luminous Synchestra Ref maybe (ballsy bass, excellent speed and body, but maybe a touch aggressive on top) and perhaps Jena Symphony (fab if you can afford them but not if you want added warmth). Most other cables I have experienced that have full bodied sound don't do PRAT well.