I/C for Parasound/Paradigm system ?

would appreciate member's recommendations/experiences - I have a 250WPC two channel Parasound Halo Amp/Pre-amp running into Paradigm Ref 100 V3s, listening to 2-channel SACD/CD and occasionally 2-channel DVD-A. Speaker wire is AQ Mammoth biwire., Sony SACD player.

What are your recommendations for a SACD-Preamp-Amp interconnect type ?

Was thinking of AQ Python or Anaconda ... vs Kimber Hero ?

Thanks !
My exeperience suggests a "NO" on Audio Quest Python and Anaconda. The Anaconda is hard and the Python is constricted(no pun), a wee bit soft on top and warmish (which your speakers and amp already are, so that's too much).
Kimber Hero?...dunno.
A great choice for $100 used range is Harmonic Tech Truth Link OR AZ WOW! These are open, clear, uncolored, well balanced cables. Only the best cables are more detailed and resolving.
You could of course step up to Acoustic Zen Matrix ref or Silver Ref. Try Silver Nordost(probably not), some JPS, Wire world, expensive Synergistix, etc. But I like the Harmonic/Acoustic Zen mix for cheap. Try, I think you'll like. Others like Cardas are descent but not special.
Try the Harmonic Technology Prosilway III's. They offer a trial period also. Make sure you give them 50 hours or so of breakin before you decide.
I use BEL-The Wire between my Parasound amp/preamp with terrific results. I also use them between my Arcam CDP and B&K receiver in 2-channel with equally great results. It is very much a do-all interconnect at a very fair price.