I bought the new Denafrips terminator mk2 dac help and ? On connections

Hello the New Denafrips Terminator-2 is almost identical to the plus the plus maybe a few %  better,  very happy with it and I have owned many good dacs.

i would appreciate any assistance. Many hook up in back , my plan to buy their Hermes DCC from server usb to Hermes then hdmi I2S to the terminator 2

then I have to do some reading the terminator has very high specked over controlled 45,and 49 MHz clocks . The Hermes DCC has over controlled dual clocks also just not as high specked, my question is ,there are 2 bnc  on  back of both units 45 MHz, and 49 MHz what are they for and would I have any use for them , anyone that has technical digital computing experience it would be a plus just trying to extract everything I can out of it , Thanks much.


They are Denafrips proprietary clock connections for the Avatar CD player and the Gaia or Hermes DDC. Note they are Mhz not Khz so I don't know if standard clocks can be connected.


The "man" at Denafrips  alvin1118 posts on Agon and is very responsive to questions.

Has anyone else bought a dcc clock and synced the 2 - 45 MHz, and 49 MHz clocks ?

@audioman58  I know that in the past you've owned and raved about Bricasti M3. How does the Terminator II compare to Bricasti? Both these DACs are high on my list of potential upgrades for next year. I'm currently test driving a T+A DAC 200 which is really good, but I want to consider other DACs before I pull the trigger. Thanks.