I blew up my receiver. Now what?

I brought my Integra DTM7 to Europe. Plugged it in, and POP! I discovered that unlike my other electronics, it definitely could not handle 220v wall current. Smoke poured from the vents for a while, even though I immediately unplugged it. 

1. What did I break? A fuse? A capacitor? Everything?

2. What’s the best way to get it back up and running here in Europe?


Time to buy a new one ....you cooked it...
That is one heavily marked up fuse, but good to hear.  You were lucky.   The other devises  you haven't fried yet are designed for 110 or 220, either works.   Most things are not.    Read the labels on your equipment,  this tells you what you need to know!

Good call sending it in! I’m glad you didn’t trash it!