I blew up my receiver. Now what?

I brought my Integra DTM7 to Europe. Plugged it in, and POP! I discovered that unlike my other electronics, it definitely could not handle 220v wall current. Smoke poured from the vents for a while, even though I immediately unplugged it. 

1. What did I break? A fuse? A capacitor? Everything?

2. What’s the best way to get it back up and running here in Europe?


BBQ'd any other devices?

"...I love the smell of fried circuitry in the evening gloom...."

Once upon a time, some equipment had that small 'fail-safe' switch that read '110vac><220vac' by the line cords' strain relief.
If one was lucky, and it was new, the 'gender bender' plug that allowed for Euro wall sockets...

...but I guess I'm just showing my age....*tapping cattle-prod cane on the floor softly to a beat*
1. What did I break?  Can't be sure without going in to troubleshoot.  But you saw smoke, A Lot. 
     A fuse? More than likely.
     A capacitor? Probably
     Everything?  No.  The cabinet, foots, panel knob and buttons are still good.

2. What’s the best way to get it back up and running here in Europe?
Get IT back up running?  Money hope and prayers.
Get YOU back up running?  Money.

If it's a receiver you need, in Europe, I would get a Cambridge Audio SR20 or whatever the new series is called. You won't get HDMI inputs, but you will get a competent, multi-voltage receiver for moderate Euros.
Thanks for all the entertaining responses. Sounds like I should have no problem getting it fixed. I've wrapped the whole thing in duct tape, and I'm going to plug it back in...
Actually, if anybody has a good suggestion for a replacement, I'd appreciate it -- my Rainmakers look nice enough, but I'd rather hear them. (But it does have to be a network-capable receiver with HDMI. Surround sound not necessary.)
twoleftears is correct... the repair will cost more or close to a new unit. lucky you this one is not the top of the line . The lesson is priceless!