I asking for suggestions in choosing a pre-amp [that won't "break the bank".

i'm putting together a "stereo" system and would appreciate any suggestions in choosing a pre-amp that would work well with the my components.  My components are as follows:

Amps: Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 Mono Amps;
Speakers: Jas-Audio "Odin" 2.5 way, 3-unit floor standing speakers.  89db; 4 ohm; 29-60,000Hz; Normal power handling: 220dW; Transient power10ms: 1000W.
CD: Oppo BDP-105D Darbee edition.
Turntable: Harmon Cardon T-60 [needs new cartridge]
Tape Deck: Tandberg TCD 300
Reel to Reel Deck: Akai X200D
Speaker Cable: DH Labs [Silver Sonic] Q-10 Signature  

I don’t see a DAC int hat list. I’m going to assume you’re just going to run the Oppo straight?

The Parasound P7 has phono, and 1 set of balanced inputs, along with 7.1 balanced and unbalanced outputs, along with some tone controls.

You might also like the PrimaLuna pre if going tube, Bryston is another possible choice.

Another choice many like is the JC preamp from Parasound, or how about an older Krell? :)

Have you considered the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE preamp?
What budget won't 'break the bank'.
Eric, if I were to consider a Dac; would U have any suggestions?  Than U all for your suggestions.
What is your budget for a pre or DAC?
Eric, budget is $2.5 to $3.5K.....thanks again for your suggestions.
In that price range, new I’d recommend Mytek or Schiit. Both very good, and relatively immune to source quality. Meaning if you use your Oppo’s digital outs they’ll still sound good.

I like Berkeley Audio Design but they are pricey and sound a bit cool to me.

Ayre QB-9 is great, but quite source sensitive, even via USB. Some other listener has confirmed it's still the case. You don't know this until you do a back and forth test with a Schiit or Berkeley. Sounds great with their CD players though.

I would have more suggestions, but I haven’t been listening in too long a time.

The Oppo 105 has USB outputs, so any DAC that has USB 2.0 support AND is "driverless" for Linux/OSX will work by the way. :) That’s your best sounding option.
Eric, my thanks for your input.  

Does anyone one have any experience with Wyred 4 Sound's Dacs?  Specifically, DAC-1 LE or DAC-2 Series?
Find yourself a used Bel Canto Pre3 and you will smile. $900 to $950 and it is very good indeed. No need to spend more. 

I owned it in between some big $$ tube preamps and it is the real deal. 

Use to own the primaluna prologue three preamp, just ask Kevin at Upscale audio about the sound your after and he will point you to the correct tubes. Could not believe the difference it made when I dropped in some mullard nos tubes. Can find them used under $1500 dollars and will compete with preamps at triple the price. Best of Luck
The Rogue Audio RP 5 is a full function pre that will drive most any amp.  Tube gain and line stage with solid state phono stage.  Full funtion remote and it sounds killer.  Look up the Rogue page and find a local dealer.  You will be impressed.  Also consider the RP1.
I would suggest a Mytek Brooklyn DAC....It has an excellent sounding, variable pre-amp output, (both balanced and RCA outputs), a fantastic sounding phono pre-amp built in, and a set of analog pre-amp inputs as well. It gives you a choice of digital or analog attenuation. The DAC is one of the best around at the price point, and will also decode MQA encoded music. If you are a headphone fan, it does that too! It offers a lot for under $2k.
+2 Rogue Audio !
+1 Wyred for Sound STP-SE - passive/active design, great volume control
LP27A Inspire brand, old Conrad Johnson Tubes, VTL,  Rowland, etc, etc....maybe Rogue but I auditioned the RP 1 in my house and and wanted to like it but just couldn't .....would get good tube gear.  Get a separate dac.    the kinda preamp you just change tubes in and keep unless you go really crazy.  The dac solo means you can upgrade that part whenever tech catches up.    With those current amps some good tubes would do you wonders.
I just bought a gently used Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE and it is amazing. Big, deep sound stage. I am still running it in from its trip to me but so far I am very impressed. Used can be had for $1200-1500. A bargain.
has a sale on two of it's preamps - Coral & Jade
rogerrabbit: thank you for the sale "heads up", but that is out of my price range.

joined: I am kind of leaning toward the wyred 4 sound preamp; thanks for the feedback.  You wouldn't also happen to have one of their DAC's?
Have you thought about going passive? Get a simple MM/MC preamplifier for the turntable, and a passive preamp - of which there are a few around (e.g. http://www.khozmo.com/index.html). If you want to keep the sound pure and unmolested, worth considering.