i am trying to get a smooth vinyl sound from cd

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My current setup is a musical fidelity a3cr pre/power with a musical fidelity a324 dac and a teac p700 transport , i use a audioquest sdv 1 coaxial cable and kimber pbj interconnects, i listen to headphones sennheiser hd 500s, as i live in a unit, my headphone amp is a musical fidelity x-can v2,my turntable is a rega planer 2 with nagaoka mp11 mm cartridge. The problem is the turntable sounds more open and smooth, it is like the dac/transport sound is compressed ,the bass is lacking and the treble is strong and hard,I love vinyl but i am trying to get a analoge sound as lps are not that easy to buy new at a reasonable price hear in australia. Any sugestions on the my system would be greatly appreciated.

Perth. Western Australia.
try naim cd player excellent sound rivaling turntables
the following is a list of cd players that {to me} sound close to vinyl...mcintosh mcd205, roksan caspian, both sonateer models, talk model 1. there are also older models by sonic frontiers and proceed that stand up to this day as great source components. none of these cd players are cheap, but none is grossly overpriced either. they all have that ability to make even the most poorly mastered cd listenable.
Try a Muse Model Two Plus DAC and Model Five transport. This'll get you there!
I've heard several comments lately that the Meridian G08 is very vinyl like. Also consider an Audio Note DAC. I bought mine used from a vinyl guy who said it was the first digital that reminded him of vinyl. He was upgrading up the line.
The no oversampling Audio Note is so right. It is smooth and dynamic.
Mlauner: Everytime I have heard Naim gear I have been incredibly impressed. But I would be interested to know exactly what turntables the Naim CD player rivaled. I still have not heard any CD player that matches a top-notch LP setup except on the issue of noise.
Another vote for Audio Note DACs. Even their lower-priced models have an unforced ease and naturalness to the sound that is quite reminiscent of good vinyl.
Ever heard of belt drive transports?
Few things to check before replacing components:

1.) Digital cable - is it a true digital cable or a 75 ohm video cable? If the cable is directional, did you align the directions correctly (arrow should point towards the DAC)

2.) Power cables - bad power cables lets in noise and causes jitter which in turn cause bright and edgy sound. Are you using a good power cable, other than the stock ones, on the DAC and CD player?

3.) Power conditioning - using any? A low price Monster HTS-2000 or HTS-2500 helps to lower noise, bring out midrange fullnes and reduce edginess.

Hope it helps.

Just go find a nice SACD player,and buy excellent
good recording.I ve read this many times,expert
said this is the closest to vynil, I think even
Michael Fremmer mentioned that,SACD is as good as
vynil, minus the deficiency of the LPs.
Hi Phil,

I have a Marantz Heart 6000, and invested in a very good pair of Mullard tubes. This is as good and sometimes better than my Planar 3/Clearaudio Aurum Beta combo. Smooth, spacious and dynamic. Does it for me anyway...(:
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4-30-04 FAUST
You might try musical fidelity X-10D between your
player and preamp, Less than 200.00 with a huge analog
sound.I beleive they use 6922 tubes to buffer the cd
Can't be done in my opinion. Digital, even SACD, will always sound...digital...because that's what it is. The digital to analog conversion waveform will always be an approximation of the real deal. It's like a digital photograph of a real object, no matter how could the picture, it will always be just a picture.
Jayctoy, you need to read this:


I'm using a $130 Liteon DVDROM for a transport.
Taddeo Digital Antidote might be worth a try, it gets rid of digital nasties but its effect is system dependent. TG
Thanks guys , your comments have been most helpfull, i have a musical fidelity x-10d that i used on a cheaper player before i got the a324 dac /transport combo,it does smooth the sound at the expense of some lost detail, i will look at mains conditioning ,the audioquest digital cable is apparently a true 75ohm digital cable, maybe pure silver cables might be worth a try as well.

Perth. Western Australia.
You cannot go wrong with the unit,,its detailed yet velvet smooth. Best my humble ears have heard!
Parasound CDP-200 Ultra meant in above post!
Check out Cary 308T with mullard tubes, end of story -- the tubed gain softens the digital.