i am so confused. trying to upgrade.

have listened to b&k507,&loved it. the difference between it &ref50 seemed minimal.also liked anthem seperates but they seemed to bright,rotel sound was good but dialog in movies seemed hard to follow same with denon3805.not sure if i need 200,150,125,100wattsper chanel.have heard good things about arcam300,outlaw seperates,&haloA52.any help would be appreciated.my room is 18x25 & open in the back. my speakers are b&w cdmnt7,cdmcnt,cdmsnt,pioneer elite 45a dvd,&yamaha receiverrxv1300.budget around 2000 if seperates are the ticket i will by amp now & pre/pro later. thanks for your help.
get the arcam; you won't be sorry....or look for a used mcintosh mht100 or mht200....the mht200 appears to be a material improvement in capabilities over the 100 but don't foreclose the 100......still a great unit and there is an optional phono stage, too, methinks
Separates are always the ticket. Buy the preamp first and the amplifiers next. Take your time and purchase quality components and you will be much happier and less poor in the long run.