I am sick of Adele

Why Why Why!!!!! Do people think she has a great voice.
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Adele who? No really, must be some pop singer. Who cares. Is she part of the dumbing down of music? Move along. I"ll listen to my now dead artists.
She is a terrific singer and also writes excellent songs. One of the few pop singers that I actually enjoy
If you're tired of Adele and listen to radio, you're SOL because her new one seems to be everywhere. I think that she's a fine singer with a solid + voice, but the appeal of her new single eludes me.
Adele look alike contest

There is much worse than her. She has talent. Just tune out as needed. Sky Fall was best Bond movie theme performance in a long time.
American music awards on. Kicking butt! J lo, Selena Gomez, Demi lovato, you name it. 😅
Wow didn't know that
No, she's not part of the dumbing down of music (we know who you mean). Very talented, just part of a machine that is the music business.
As someone has already commented, 'just part of a machine that is the music business'. Enough said.
Back in the day she would not be a big deal. With the music industry putting out such trash nowadays she sounds better than most.
Adele is up there with Dusty Springfield (who she cites as an influence) and Amy Winehouse as a female Brit pop music talent. Good company!

Anyone who has never given Amy Winehouse a fair shot should. That girl was off the charts!!!
She sounds great in the car but her album "21" sounds terrible on my system. It would be great if her music was produced without all of the compression used to make it sound good for crappy mp3 listeners.
Robin Quivers has a much better cover of Hello already.
Sick of Adele? Well, as they say, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I’ve been very blessed and had the good fortune to experience live performances by Carmen McRae, Nancy Wilson, Diane Reeves, Diana Krall, and Cassandra Wilson. So what? Each time I came away with feelings of having witnessed great talent – each in her own unique way. After Adele’s appearance as musical quest on SNL this past weekend, I decided to check out her video of “Hello” via cable on demand. Prior to that, I really hadn’t paid much attention to Adele; but found myself thinking, “wow, this woman is incredibly talented”. IMHO she has a true gift that cannot be dubbed, engineered, or otherwise enhanced like so much of what is passed off as music these days.

BTW, plus one regarding Amy Winehouse … thanks Mapman for pointing that out. My brother-in-law turned me on to her music and a bit about Amy’s tragic end. What a tremendous loss.
I'm a big fan of her work.....it had me the first time I heard it. It was early June 2011.

Ditto with the Amy Winehouse.
I think she has great voice. She seems to sing with an authentic sincerity. Compelling. Ditto on the Winehouse comments!
She's okay: as in, a friend of mine was raving about her when her second recording came out, so I bought both of them and then listened. My thought was, "okay..."

She's really pretty good, but I could only damn her with faint praise. Sometimes, I just ask myself if I'm perhaps not in the right frame of mind for a certain artist or type of music. I'll try again, but I don't think she'll ever make heavy rotation in my system.
People are hating on her and I don't think that's quite fair.
Would really like an album of covers as those are my favorite Adele songs.
I can not get sick of her....I never listened to her yet.....
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Akg-I avoided writing your last clause multiple times and am pleased you did not edit yourself as I did!
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Adele is presented as the anti-Amy Winehouse in a sense.

Amy Winehouse had the talent but her demons got the best of here. Adele has the talent as well but appears to be in control of her life and career and is attractive but does not fit the modern standard Barbie Doll model for female role models. There is a positive message in there that helps boost her profile and appeal. Good for her! I hope she continues on to be a good role model for other talented women. The world needs more high profile talented women who are role models. If not just to make up for the ground lost to the Kardasians already.
^Would it be better having roll models becoming celebrities, rather than having celebrities becoiming roll models?
There is no stopping Adele now


She just shattered the most albums sold in a week. I still have to pick up the LP but got the Target exclusive CD.
She kills it with Jimmy Fallon!!
Magnificent! Finally a star who is real!
There was a TV special, Live from England, that I saw recently. She had an interviewer and she'd walk over to do a song with the band, then back to the chair to chat some more. I was struck with what a real person she is, not some ego maniac who sees herself as above all the little people. And her voice kills, my only critique is the high content of depressing subject matter in her songs. Hopefully with the addition of a child her songs will be happier.
Live from Madison Squire Garden on Monday night . On TV
BTW the 21 album is good and has great moments.  The band and mix is so apart from the usual pop crap it's a wonder that the pointy heads in the music industry let it happen.  The anti-gaga music.
She's good, but she's got the same context that she's dragging on for like 3 years now. 
We get it Adele, you're heartbroken and all but like, come on, I'm dying for something new, not you wallowing over your past love for nearly a decade,writing songs off your misfortune while you have a partner and a baby now. 
I loved the 19 Album. 
21 was good.
But 25 is just like, Idk, Im tired of listening to her talk on and on and on about the same things. 
Obviously that is her niche. Just like Taylor Swift writes a lot of her songs about ex-boyfriends. This is what the Jewish people call a schtik

I thought that she was black before I saw a photo of her. Her voice is recognise able but grating on my ears. She can probably actually "sing" better than she does but not with the inflection that makes her voice as immediately recognize able as it is. Robert earl keen is another example. He sounds like Dale from "King of the Hill". I saw him in concert with Lyle Lovett and he sang a couple of songs solo in his "real" singing voice, not the nasely voice for which he is known and recognized. It was much better and musical but you wouldn't ever know that it was him....
Jewel is another "artist" that actually has a good (and unrecognizeable) voice when she isn't doing her impersonation of a singing goat. I FN hate that whiney goat voice crap soooo much!!!! It totally blows my mind that anyone can listen to it, much less actually like it. People are stupid and the Matrix has us all is what I believe. 

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That last post was meant for the pop up. It's annoying to do anything on audiogon with the mobile app. Progress, what progress??

Cheers and happy Holidays. 
I have heard some of her songs on the radio and in the Bond movie. My wife and I enjoy her very much. Never heard her LP.
I guess to you she is like Eagles are to me can't listen to them
I remember getting fed up with all the hype about the Beatles, whose music I loved.  It's not necessarily about the artist, it's the circus that surrounds them.
Not too bad a singer(not great IMO), but too fat!
@ don_c55
Post a pic of your wife, sister, mom! That is not why we discuss audio. NO CLASS!
Right you are  don c55,  Luciano Pavarotti  could have been a great singer
 if he wasn't so damn obese !
While I am not necessarily a fan of her music credit must be given to her simply for being a person,  not a "brand."  Who else,  in the "pop" world anyway,  waits three years to put out a record nowadays?
She may not fall into the realm of "artiste" for many here and elsewhere, but she has talent,  writes her own stuff,  and has a loyal fan base that came running back.  As per what tostadosunidos said earlier,  the hype surrounding her shouldn't be confused with her talent.  Just check out the other best-selling albums right now on Tidal,  iTunes,  or Amazon and see what lesser fare is selling.

I actually listened to both sides of her record on Christmas Day because it was gifted to my girlfriend by her daughter.  Yes,  on vinyl.  I've heard far worse than this record.  Everybody dug the vinyl,  too.

Good gosh...the woman has talent and guts.  I applaud her even though she ain't earning no royalties offa me!
Im sorry but after one listen to her song "Hello" she is a terrible singer. One out of every 5 to 8 notes she misses. Anyone with a good ear can hear it. It makes my head explode.
I was in a house yesterday while her CD was playing , hard to say what she is with those monster drum  machines incessant din .
I'd prefer to listen to Adele than Barbra Streisand, the diva from yesteryear.
After listening to big chunks of three of her tunes I can say I find the voice to be good, but it and/or the material would have to be different ("better," IMO) to make me get out the credit card.  I'm a little surprised there's such a big stink about her in particular.  I just don't hear a really characteristic voice that makes me say, "wow, I'd know that voice anywhere and the sound of it knocks me out."  I find some of her effects to be contrived but that's true of many good singers.  But, again, I don't blame her for the hype.
She is ok.  I prefer cecile salvant and her first album
The diva from yesteryear could still blow Adele off the stage!


Adele sings w/ a very powerful voice!  She my be the best in the biz at  the moment.  Happy Listening!