I am pissed

I've just received the records back from USPS that was undelivered to my ebay buyer. I've sold these records 1 month ago and here I've got them back. I've just asked the buyer to e-mail me his/her address and realized that it was exactly the same address that is clearly written on the returned package.
I AM PISSED and have no clue what should I do in this dumb situation.
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I always keep an eye on items I've sent using the on-line packaging tracking systems of UPS and FedEx. You can see the status of the package and e-mail the buyer or call UPS with additional instuctions. Obviously this effort shouldn't be necessary, but it is a good precaution.


Dump the ebay habit. I've had nothing but trouble there. I was burned there on a tape deck purchase and will never buy again. In fact, I would look twice at the new wave of sellers from ebay who seem to have discovered A'gon. "Gee, this seems to be the place to sell broken, overpriced boat anchors I bought for short money at an estate sale." Perhaps the bar should be set higher for them if they want to join our club. Maybe they should be required to be verified members....?
well, you're doing the first thing you need to do: venting!

Did you check the various mapping databases or the USPS Zip code data base to verify that it is a legitimate address? If the address is legit then your shipper is most likely Useless, Pathetic, and Stupid.
Double check the address with the purchaser and resend it ASAP. If your pissed, how do they feel?
I've just double-checked the list of zip codes on usps.gov and it was there! It means that I'm right and purchaser is right as well.

Now I guess I'll have to kick it back to the carier and teach them some logistics and literacy arround USA.

Fortunately the purchaser isn't pissed and face this problem with sincere understanding.
The same thing happened to someone sending me an MO. Because it was a letter, the latency was much shorter. Take it to the front counter an give them the evil eye. I think that's what he did. Good luck
i say chalk it up to the law of averages.....by far, i have had the least amount of trouble shipping items USPS. their rates are getting more reasonable...for example..I wanted a 50 lb amp sent from NYC to CAL overnight. Fedex was $129, UPS was $145, and USPS was $105. Ive never received a USPS package that had dents in the cardboard from what looks like some UPS or Fedex person kicking the box.
I purchased a DAC here on the 'Gon from a member in Chicago. He shipped it to me UPS, but it had some operational problems when it arrived. Whether or not shipping played a part in these, the unit was under warranty for him as original owner, so I put it back in the box and sent it to the manufacturer in California for repairs, with his name and address as the return so everything would seem kosher. The plan was for him to send it back to me once the work was done and the unit returned. All was OK until the company attempted to send it back to Chicago, again via UPS. That damn box went all around country for over three weeks, including not only a near miss in his area, but also a detour to the east coast that brought it strangely close to me in DC before veering away again. He had the manufacturer getting on UPS's case as well as himself, but with seemingly little effect as we watched its incredible peregrinations on the UPS website tracker. They seemed to try to ship back it to CA, then to miss again in IL after being redirected. The seller ultimately prevailed upon UPS to change the addressee and just try sending it straight back to me instead. Amazingly, it finally showed up here with no damage, but the unit was out of my hands for almost six weeks altogether for a repair that was performed within a week. Needless to say, UPS is not always the punctual, efficient machine of their advertisements.
was the UPS shipping label which was applied at pickup addressed properly? They read the address from their label they don't read the written address on the Box I learned this when shipping 2 packages the same pickup the UPS man applied the label to both boxes incorrectly sending the Virginia package to Seattle and vice versa they simply don't read the written address they read their label be it right or wrong.
let it go...aint nuthin you can do thats worth wasting your time over.